Shake my Bun Bun, feed my Bun Bun.

Well there are three things on my mind at this moment, well four if you can count how much I miss Charlie Sheen.  I am downstairs typing now because I am hiding from the travesty that is Two and a Half Men.

Yes, I know Charlie was a piss-tank of incredible stature and hardly reliable.
But that’s what made the show watchable, watching Two and a Half Men was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. To anyone who has woken up hugging the bowl or next to someone who you don’t recognize the show was like looking in the mirror week after week.

Charlie: the man, the myth, the unemployable.

But now with Ashton Kutcher at the helm it’s like wandering into a hospital room and seeing the patient flat line when the doctors don’t have the balls to either use the paddles or pull the plug.  I have to hand it to the rest of the cast, they have kept up the same comedic tempo and humor that made Two and a Half Men a success in the first place.

Watching tonight was like driving down a great smooth highway, ya know, all nice and fast just clicking those miles away.  Then BANG a pothole, BANG a blown tire, SHIT was that just my transmission?  Dead eyes, lifeless eyes, like dolls eyes.

So I chose to write about things I actually care about, I made a Turkey Pot Pie and if it were on Two and a Half Men it would have acted circles around Ashton Kutcher tonight.  It was super simple to make, just leftover turkey, gravy and frozen veg all poured into a pie crust that I bought at the store!

Yummy turkey filled goodness free of Dude.. Where's my career?

Fab, in a pan. I guess that’s what they say overseas.

As fun to eat as it was to make.

Also I found a new furry friend, a bunny!!  It lives under my jeep and keeps dry from the rain.  Is my loathing of this new show sinking in yet??  I fed it celery even though Dar said it might like lettuce much more.  I have a picture wanna see?

Look close there is a bunny under my Jeep!

OK. I’m scaring myself now.  Bob put down the keyboard and slowly walk away.

Yes, yes nice bunny, nice bunny.

7 responses to “Shake my Bun Bun, feed my Bun Bun.

  1. Your not bitter.
    I can tell.

    Love the bunny.

  2. Hahahaha! New pet?? 😀

  3. Aww, hi wil’ buns! Tweetie pie.

    I agree, I actually watched not one but two episodes of Two and Half Men with Kutcher and it was like watching a sinking ship. Has he learned nothing since That 70’s Show? Because he essentially plays the same character, a handsome, loveable dufus. Except I’m not loving him. Charlie Sheen, as much of a complete d-bag he is in real life, was an ace on the show. He played his character brilliantly. Maybe he played a tamer version of himself, but whatever, it worked. Kutcher just doesn’t. To be fair, his character doesn’t really seem very well written either. I hope these people figure it out. Or not. I’m not a regular viewer so I don’t really care either way. 🙂

    Enjoy your PIE!!

  4. Mmmmm Pie, it was super yummy in my tummy!

  5. Bunny Eats Design

    Hey little bunny! Is your bunny friend still around this year? I was a little worried that you were going to show me a bunny made into a pie. I’m glad you are not that cruel.