42 and still kicking


First of all before I get all emotional I’d like to thank a few people who have really made my day.  I’m not normally the type to get all weepy about turning the page on a calendar another year, but this past couple of days has  left me speechless.

People whom I never expected to know the date of my birth some 42 years ago are stepping forward and blowing my mind.

My fellow blogger Rincewind author of the Erotixx blog, surprised the hell out of me with a great retrospective on my early blogging hobby, and included a Canadian day dedicated to our own natural beauties.

My mentor and part time savior Mel stepped up early yesterday and a wished me a great day. I’m looking forward to working with her at Klinic, to repay my debt and also try and help others work out troubled pasts and relationship issues.

My friends have been coming out of the woodwork in wishing me a great day, the apple of my eye Mykalya phoned me first thing and left me a cheeky message.

Of course that leaves Dar, my rock and my love. I didn’t ask for anything this year, so I hope things will be simple. A nice evening out is all I require.

Thank you one and all, my friends,my fellow bloggers from around the world. Your words mean more to me than I can ever express.

Thank you so much.

Yes I'm 42

10 responses to “42 and still kicking

  1. 42? No way!

    Damn, buddy! Didn’t know it was your b-day! I have to write things down, ya know… but I don’t think I ever knew…?

    Regardless – hope it’s amazing! XOXO!

    • Yea crazy eh! So does that make me too old for a run at you? Kidding.

      Honestly Facebook is nice for keeping track if birthdays. My man brain is horrible at this shit.

      Thanks so much for the wishes!

  2. and oh yes, thank god for facebook sometimes 🙂 but a big happy birthday to you, hope you enjoyed the hell out of it…

  3. Hope it was a great day and carries over to the weekend!

    Cheers Bob!

  4. I hope your birthday was wonderful (even though it already appears that it was!!)

    42 obviously isn’t stopping you!! ^_^

    • Naa it’s just a number after all, and to be completely honest if Ozzy and Keith Richards can just keep going and going then so can I!!

  5. Happy belated birthday Bob!