Home sweet home







Anyone that has been on vacation with any kind of extended family knows this immovable law of the universe. The joy of being away is conversely squared to joy of being home again.

Humans in my experience love home.  It’s our comfort zone, it’s our cave with a little home fire burning.

Having said that the trip out west was a blast. Here are some of our pictures from along the way.

10 responses to “Home sweet home

  1. that lake just looks amazing and like the thumb on picture 3 😀

    • Lake Louise is an almost unnatural colour, a pale turquoise green.
      It’s really one of Canada’s national treasures.

      And yes that thumb was the mom in law’s we told her about it but she snapped the picture anyway. LOL

    • Incredibly cool indeed Ivy. Just glad to be home at last, slept so hard last night, I drove I figure close to 2500 Km on this trip. I was so tired when we got in last night I was almost delirious from the road.

      People from other parts of the world really have no idea on how big Canada is, you could fit most of Europe into one of our larger provinces, and I drove across 3 of them.

  2. Wait a minute… I see hats, jackets, even snow-capped mountains… how come I see you in shorts and mandles?

  3. The melting glaciers give the water the color. Up on Mt Edith Cavell there are a few amazing lakes, the colors are outstanding.

    So glad you got to get away for a little while. Shame we could not meet up. Hope we can next time you are in Alberta!
    If it were not for the concert I would have made it to Japer for a coffee and perhaps a tram ride.

  4. I dunno Bob… I get pretty restless when I’m home too long, and then I get sad when I’m not traveling…. not kidding.

    Wanderer spirit… that might be me…

    • Ya Nikki, I get that. I love to wander, drive endlessly. But we had a timeline and two moms the back.

      Traveling pour deux, alone is something completely different.

      Ah, to win the lotto and just go…