Winter is coming

Like the oft reiterated line from Game of Thrones people in the lower 48 like to remind me, winter is coming.

Yes we know winter is coming. We are Canadian. We can tell, in all honesty by every thing going on around us.

We have a lack of bitting insects, our days seem to get a little shorted. When we buy beer, it tastes like actual beer.

For most if us in actual fact winter is no more than a fashion accessory.

Yes, we bundle up a tad. But it stops nothing in our daily lives. Gimme three feet of snow, bring it on. Not going to stop a little old lady here.

Yes we bitch and moan endlessly, but you would too with 6 months of crap

Yes winter is coming, we’re ready….are you?

5 responses to “Winter is coming

  1. LOVE WINTER! but not here in the UK, I need snow snow snow snow, want to do snow angels, throw snowballs, write my name in the snow (hihi…), drink gluewine inside with ginger biscquits, watching other people showel snow. Ahh bless…

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