Wet Again

Calamity has once again struck our household. Over the weekend a pipe burst in my bathroom on the main floor. The ensuing flood took out my basement again. The second time in 3 years.

In the direct path of the water as it migrated downstairs through our ductwork was our desk and computer.

Thus I write this on my phone. I hope to be writing again and sharing my opinions as soon as humanly possible.

I will however still be checking in daily over my Android Phone. So keep those comments coming.

See you all as soon as I can.


8 responses to “Wet Again

  1. Ahh that really sucks Bob! Hope they can get is sorted soon again. Nothing worse when something like that happens in your home.

    • Ya, this latest setback sucks donkey balls. We just got the basement all sorted out, now this happens. Plus our main bathroom is out for the time being.

      I guess the worst part is that the whole house smells like wet dog now. Ewww

  2. yeah this really sucks,I feel so bad for you guys,wish I could do something for you,please know I think of you everyday and hope it will work out for you before long..god bless………be sure anything I can do let me know,,,,,,,,,,love you Mom………..

    • Thanks so much, but life go’s on and that’s why God invented contractors.

      Really not to much to do here till things dry out.

      Time to buckle down and buy a new place I guess.

  3. Hope things are cleaning up over there! Augh! If it’s not one thing… !

    • slowly it’s getting all done. it has been a bitch of a week…. I am very glad for you kudos.

      your moxie has got me thinking of starting another blog.

    • Well we are dry now but stuck in insurance limbo. Still keeping track of everything on my phone. But nothing new till we settle with the adjuster who I’m sure makes copper wire by stretching pennies in his spare time. Grrrr.