God’s speed Jack

Jack Layton making NDP transit announcement.

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I will admit right off the hop here that I was not a political believer in Jack Layton.  His leanings to my mind are a little bit left of what I personally believe the Canadian public can afford right now.

OK, disclaimer done.

Other than his beliefs, I LOVED Jack Layton, he took the political stage by storm like no one since dare I say Pierre.  He grabbed voters by the scruff and woke them up, with his cane and dashing good looks.

Today’ s Canadian capital hill crowd in Ottawa is vanilla by comparison. Just take a look at Steven Harper, ya the PM tries to get on stage but nothing can compare to Jack and Olivia taking care of business.

A born politician Jack had a great right wing to call on early,  yet he chose the left wing.  His own family having great membership to call upon, yet he followed a higher calling.
Would I vote for Jack, probably not.  But would I sit and have not one beer but a case with the man and invite my friends, you bet your ass Jack.

To Jack Layton, not just a man, but an idea.

Hip hip, to Jack.

And to the NDP you had THE JACK!

Much love to parties of all stripes on this sad day.

7 responses to “God’s speed Jack

  1. I’m orange through and through, but you’re right Bob…despite your political beliefs, Jack Layton was just an amazing individual…enigmatic…enthusiastic…inspirational. This has just been a devestating weekend…the First Air crash in Resolute…and now Jack’s death. There have been some absolutely beautiful tributes to Jack…and this is certainly one of them. Thanks for that Bob…

    • Thanks for that Suze, I think in this case a full state funeral is in the works. I cannot think of anyone from any of the political camps that is more deserving of the honour.

      There is just no arguing the fact that Jack was a political dynamo, love him or hate him he got the job done and with a civility that is rarely seen in the halls of power these days.

  2. I’m sorry. Handsome cat.

  3. Hey Sid, welcome to my little corner of the web. Jack Layton’s passing has really struck a cord with me and I really don’t know why. I never voted for the man. I guess it was his civility and get ‘er done attitude. He was that scrapper that you could never count out.

    Please feel free to look around here, there’s lots of content on a huge number of topics, and as always do comment if something strikes your fancy.

  4. Awesome. I’m a get’er done gal, so this is resonating with me, too. Have a great week, WB! Oh, and I’ve been lurking for a while. Quietly.

  5. Sad day for Canada

  6. Yes it is Nurse Myra, I feel as though we may have lost a Prime Minister in waiting.