London in chaos: A photo gallery

All photos from the Winnipeg Free Press website.

6 responses to “London in chaos: A photo gallery

  1. These scumbags think they are so cool but they are so thick they do not see that others have worked their backs off to build up a shop or home. The same people that pay their social welfare. They forget that people lived above some of these torched shops. They are an embarrassment to the entire country.

    • I know Ivy as you may remember we just went through a similar but much smaller event in Vancouver. I agree with you 100% but what is the solution?

      We here in Winnipeg have kids as young as 10 setting fires in the late hours of the night, with petrol bombs no less. Do we arrest every parent or guardian?

      I just don’t know. I feel for all of those that have lost their lively hoods and their homes. How many of those were properly insured? How many are now on the streets because of a man who wouldn’t lay down and submit to authority.

      It boggles the mind girl, I hope this finds you well, safe and writing.

  2. it’s truly insane right now, but this is just bloody stupid hooligans doing this, when people mug someone lying down pretending to help him up, that is truly sick.. Finally our dear PM did acknowledge this incidents was due to the social politics of this country.

    • Rincewind if you read the above I mentioned the Vancouver riots of a few months ago. At least your police have the stones to arrest, lay charges and bring at least a handful of these hooligans to justice.

      To date our justice system has charged NO ONE.

      Here’s the new travel Canada slogan.

      Come to Canada, land of wide vistas, great prairies, and smouldering cities. Feel free to join in we never arrest anyone. We’re just too fucking nice.

      • Actually was quite proud of the government on that side, they actually are evicting people who are living in council houses (subsidized housing from the social dept) who was involved in any of the looting. Had a big grin when I saw that…

  3. It was so sad to hear about the RIOT in London.I was so shocked because it was unexpected events to be happened because their place is a peaceful one then. I hope it won’t happen again.