Gone Fishing



Sorry for the lack of content this weekend. I’ve left the city and gone home fishing.

Wishing everyone a great summer weekend.


10 responses to “Gone Fishing

  1. looks great, enjoy the time off…

  2. FISH ON! Oh sorry- got carried away. Have fun.

  3. Enjoy!! Have a great one!

  4. Oh it looks so sunny – I’m envious

    • I hate to report that I am back home now Nurse Myra but yes it was a great weekend back home. That’s MY lake, LOL, Rainy Lake, I feel so much like a fish out of water here in Manitoba without the cool waters a minute or two away.

      I did get in for my swim, recharged the batteries and hope to get home again in Sept for some more fishing.

  5. Hope you had a blast, Bob! Glad to hear the batteries are re-charged… post more pics! 😀

    I was in your native land this weekend too… Quebec was beautiful!

    • Glad you had fun in La belle provence. I try to get home a few times a year. Back in Winnipeg now, returned to the grind.

  6. Hope you enjoyed your fishing trip Bob 🙂