Hip and Miss: Update

In my earlier post Hip and Miss I went on a long tiring rant on how our night was ruined by Ticketmaster and the Winnipeg Goldeyes Organization.  Although I do stand by the bulk of what I wrote it has come to my attention that the Goldeyes Organization were pretty much blameless in this situation.

As it turns out the club, only rents the facility to a promoter who in turn is in charge of organizing the event.  Security, layout and setup, concessions and the like are handled by the promoter.  Basically the Goldeyes turned the keys to the building over to the promoter and says, “have fun, bring her back in good shape” and that’s the end of their involvement.

So to the staff and management of the Goldeyes organization I do offer an apology.  Those of you who were working the event had your hands full and I am sure each and every one of you did the best you could.

Now on to Ticketmaster. After posting my rant I did receive an e-mail from a ticket master representative, who when made aware of my blog post stepped up and did the right thing.  Not only did Richard leave me many e-mails in trying to get a hold of me and my party, but he also called me directly (on a Saturday night) to get the situation worked out to our satisfaction.

Many of you I am sure are wondering about the J shaped rows.  Yes I can see nodding in the crowd, thank you for not drifting off again.  The whole issue with the J sections and rows was due to the stage placement had changed.  The stage had originally been mapped out for a larger crowd than who actually bought tickets. In order to deliver a more intimate experience, the decision was made at roughly 4 pm to bring the outer sections, 1 and 5 inward instead of having the seats at an acute angle to the new stage placement.  Thus 1 and 5 were folded into sections 2 and 4.   Actually bringing those people seated in the outer sections closer to the stage but now placing them further back in the seating chart.

Think of your hand, spread it out, section one being the right thumb and section 5 being the right pinky finger. In the original configuration 1 and 5 were to be much further out laterally.  Now bring your fingers together, now 1 and 5 are much closer but are behind 2 and 4. Got it…… Good.

Anyway, after much talking between Richard, Jeff and I we all agreed on a settlement.  Actually turns out Richard is not a two-headed baby eating troll suffering from the latter stages of syphilis who lives in the murky sewers of Toronto.  He is actually a pretty nice sounding guy who got stuck with a bad situation and had to make a judgment call and is dealing with any fallout in a professional and decent way.

It just sucks that it had to come to me writing over 1300 words to get that response from Ticketmaster.  One thing that Richard and I did agree on is that the corporate setup of the website and call centres is not the best for registering a complaint as the representatives often are not empowered to do much about the situation.  I sincerely hope this changes in the future.

One response to “Hip and Miss: Update

  1. Yes, I too owe an apology to the Goldeyes organization. They weren’t the evil-doers in this situation. In fact, no one particular person was necessarily evil, but a few people with incorrect information combined with a last minute stage movement and some well meaning individuals doing their best to deal with the situation all combined to create quite the snowball effect. I’ve had many frustrating experiences with Ticketmaster over the years, but I’ve never gone through a bungle like this before. In fairness to their company, Richard, the representative who contacted us was very professional, sincere, and apologetic. He is doing his best to make our concert memory the emotional event we were expecting. Perhaps if more of the people involved along the way were more like Richard, this whole situation could have been avoided.