Go Canucks Go!

Well here it is about 24 hours before game 6 in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. I am sitting on pins and needles for two reasons tonight.

Firstly my team since the early 1990’s, the Vancouver Canucks,  is one game away from winning the whole shebang and secondly Winnipeg is getting its team back.

I must admit in all honesty that I was never a huge hockey fan growing up, yes I used to sit on my Dad’s knee and steal sips of beer while we watched hockey.  But I was more interested in Peter Puck than the actual games back then.

Yes as every good Canadian boy does I laced up my skates in the back yard, but I was never much of a player.  My ankles always bothered me as they still do, and I spent more time on my ass as I did upright.

So a quandary is coming, do I support my venerable Canucks my team through thick and thin for the last decade and a half.  Or do I jump ship and support the home team?

I was not born and raised in Manitoba, by birth I should be a Maple Leafs fan. But I just can’t bear that thought. The closest team to me was the Jets, but as a student I moved back and forth so often I never really grew any deep substantial roots.

Funny that I support the Winnipeg Blue Bombers so aggressively now.  But I think that football is a sport that grows on someone like creeping moss  not like the fire that infects most hot-blooded Canadians.I have always pulled for whatever Canadian team that was in the playoffs, be it the Canucks, Flames or even the dreaded Habs.Give me some feedback people, I know deep in my heart the Jets of old will always have a deep vault of affection.  But this new team has to compete with my formative years, my road trip years, the Bure, Linden and McLean years.

Winnipeg’s new team may be named the Jets, but unless Teemu is at the point, is it the same?

All the same, bring it home. It’s been to long since Lord Stanley had a parade in his own park.  Neuter that Cat, and bash them Bruins.

Neuter them Bruins Canucks

Go Canucks Go!

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