Go Jets Go!

Well it’s official hockey fans Winnipeg is playing in the big leagues again!!  At 11 am this morning the Atlanta Thrashers hockey club became property of True North Sports and Entertainment!  Pending approval by the NHL board of governors.  

The goal now, pardon the pun, is to raise a season ticket base in the neighbourhood of 13,000 strong.  The group headed by Mark Chipman and David Thompson think this is an attainable mark, and one that the NHL will consider acceptable for fiscal suitability.

Seating Map for the MTS Centre

Season ticket packages

The yet unnamed Winnipeg hockey franchise has a couple of excellent name choices available.  As I reported earlier the team name Falcons would be an excellent choice.  However as the city is Jet’s crazy at the moment I think that True North will have to take a serious look at  reviving the old NHL moniker.

Pandemonium at Portage and Main (Mike Deal - Winnipeg Free Press)

What ever the choice I know from the reactions around town today that people are truly pumped up to have the NHL back in town.   At the announcement this morning people were flooding into Portage and Main to take the famous intersection back from traffic and launch an impromptu celebration.  Although the official celebration is being held at the forks market.

Sam Katz leads a conga line at the Forks Market (CTV News)

Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz led a conga line through the crowd to celebrate the return of the NHL after a 15 year absence.  Now that the business model has adapted to the realities of modern sports ownership Winnipeg will be able to support a big name roster and make a serious run for the Stanley Cup!

Thank you Mark Chipman.  Thank you David Thompson.  Winnipeg, this city in the centre of the continent has a heartbeat again, and it’s thanks to your efforts!

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    • I figured you would get my excitement Ivy. Being of Swedish stock and knowing how important hockey is to us Canadians.