Get on your boots! Only one more sleep till U2 in Winnipeg.

The claw has finally touched down at Winnipeg’s Canadinns Stadium and the band followed close behind. It seems that this weekend before the massive U2 360 Degree concert the Dublin quartet are filming a documentary at the Burton Cummings theatre.

Arriving Friday evening to a Irish drizzle of rain Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr. and Adam Clayton greeted fans who had staked out ” The Burt” theatre in hopes of meeting the band.

Adam Clayton Meets fans at the Burt (Winnipeg Free Press)

Lead Guitar, The Edge presses the flesh with wet but excited fans Friday afternoon. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Bono signs an autograph for an eager fan. (Winnipeg Free Press)

My own reconnaissance took my camera to the stadium where the massive stage nicknamed The Claw is taking shape. Let me tell any of you who have only seen video or pictures of this monstrosity that it is easily the largest stage set up that has ever seen fit to land in Manitoba. With a footprint of approximately 40 yards square on the football field and reaching a height that matches the top rows of the stadium upper deck seating there will not be a single poor seat in the house when the show begins.

The Claw takes form behind a tight band of security.

Look, No guards here!

My seat for the concert of the year!

Apparently Bono is also very interested in a little project that rivals his own stage set up for sheer scale. The rising Canadian Museum for Human Rights at the forks, has been put on his agenda as a must see item. No doubt the spearhead of the museum project Gail Asper is dying to have a chat with the U2 front man about the project and it’s fund-raising arm.

Construction continues on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Museum that is being constructed at The Forks complex will highlight the successes and failures of humanity in its ongoing struggle to find a noble path through the struggles of life. Genocides and conflict, rights movements and hero’s will be featured inside the massive “Glass Mountain” structure on the banks of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers.

With a limited time in Winnipeg before they move on to the next stop on their world tour I would like to personally wish the boys a hearty welcome and hope they enjoy Winnipeg as much as Winnipeg is going to enjoy them.


10 responses to “Get on your boots! Only one more sleep till U2 in Winnipeg.

  1. It is a fab concert. It was that when I saw them here in Dublin last summer. Have a good one! Have a beer for me. 🙂

  2. damn………… I forgot how great the guys were with their fans. The last time they were in Edmonton, hours after the show Bono and the Edge wandered outside to hang with a few fans. They actually jammed with them on the grass at 2:30 in the morning for a short period of time. One of the guys got it on video, and it was shown on the news the next day.

    Didn’t get tickets for this tour, between concerts and tattoos I am broke.
    But when Gord and Eddie sweat on me this summer, it will be totally worth it.
    Enjoy the concert! I bet it will be amazing.

  3. This is an excellent show, I love U2 and they NEVER disappoint you live. I can see your jumping and dancing your ass off at this gig!

    • Looking forward to the show tonight, we had tornadoes in the area last night but the sky should clear up for tonight and the show in the Claw!!

      Not my first time seeing U2 but definitely looking forward to this one!!

  4. Wow! Already almost time for this show! So jealous! Have a blast Bob! 😀

    • Actually Nikki the show was on the 29th, a couple of days ago.
      There is a post coming I promise, I’ve just been busy with recovering from the show and driving Mom around town who was in for a visit.

      Incredible concert though, I still hurt from all of the dancing I was doing and my ears are still ringing from the volume. But it’s all good!

  5. That museum sounds fantastic

    • I did a whole post on it earlier Myra… HMMPH
      But, yes it is going to be one heck of a statement to the human rights cause around the world. The plan is to have this shining beacon in the centre of the continent much that is not only a place of education and healing but also a architectural landmark. Think the Sidney Opera House smack dab in the middle of the Canadian bread basket and you’ll get the goal.