Murder… Bloody Murder.

This post is going to be a short one, but one that needs to be written.

Those of you who read me on a regular basis always hear me going on and on about how Winnipeg is a closely knit city.  How you may not know someone personally but you surely know the people who do.  Well this weekend past was one of those Oh My GOD moments all over again.

I don’t talk about family for a reason on here, what I choose to say to the world is my choice and rarely if ever do they factor into what I write, this week though proves the exception to the rule.  On Saturday my stepson was the victim of a horrible crime.  He was not assaulted or harmed in any physical way but affected none the less.  His manager was a victim of a brutal armed robbery, and was struck with a very large bladed weapon.

The “alleged” axeman was a 15 year old boy, with a history of crime and violence going back many many years.  The punk and his partner walked into a pizza joint just before closing and forced the employees on the ground.  Maybe a a scuffle ensued I really don’t know at this point.  But what I do know is that someone dear to my heart lost someone who he worked for and respected in a most heinous way.

My family was lucky that our loved one was not on shift at the time.  But he very well could have been in the building at that time on any other Saturday night.  What possesses people to swing on the unarmed? What possesses someone to kill for drug money?

I say this as someone who has seen the dark side of addiction, someone who lived pay cheque to pay cheque.  I know all to well the cravings that substance abuse brings, that physical need and that emotional release when you finally find what you need.  But I would never have gone to those lengths.

Like I said, it’s been a hard week.   Any thoughts people?

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10 responses to “Murder… Bloody Murder.

  1. Shit! That is really horrible! I am so sorry to this. It is inconceivable to me how anyone can justify such an action and for what… a few bucks?

    I am glad to hear your step-son was not there when it happened but still another person has lost their life and this affects everyone around.

    Big hugs to you and your family.

    • Many thanks back Ivy, I am crying now because he can’t.
      Young men…. ya know.

      Still pretty horrible, like you said a few bucks.

  2. That’s horrible, Bob. So sorry to hear things like that. Im glad your stepson was not working, but my heart goes out to the manager’s family. I wish I had answers for why people do evil things like that, especially someone of the age of 15. I hope those boys are brought to justice and some day recognize the horror that they created so unnecessarily. Such a sad story. No doubt your community has been shaken up by it all. I wish the best for all affected. Peace.

  3. Thanks very much Sunny. It’s been a hard week here, but we’ll manage through I expect. It just sucks that someone of quality is walking when a piece of shit like that is still living and breathing. Yes I said piece of shit, a floater. Some fucking remnant of a crap, worth nothing.

    Yes I said it, I was taught to respect people, but this. I just cant. He had every reasonable chance, he’s Canadian for fuck sakes, he robbed another store with a weapon and was given his freedom. Fuck That.

    Now I am just mad, sorry.

  4. Oh my god, Bob. Oh my god.

    I don’t even know what to say. I know there’s nothing TO say, in all honesty.

    The ability of our legal systems to allow people back on the street is unbelievable to me. The impact of drugs and other abuse is equally unfathomable. I cannot imagine this happening to you.

    Anything I can do, just ask. Oh. My. God.

  5. I hope your stepson and his coworkers are ok, so sorry for the family of the dead man

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to reply from half way around the world Myra. My stepson has returned to work, and does seem to be dealing with this stressful situation in a adult manner. Dar and I are so proud of him, it has been hard on the whole family but as my experiences have taught me live does go on.

      The two alleged perps are in custody at the moment so we are hoping for a good outcome to this situation.

      Thanks for sending your love and goodwill Myra, hope you have a good Rapture Day. From what I have heard New Zealand is up first! Apparently the All Mighty God is a big believer in time zones.

      Good Luck!

  6. Just have to say it, I knew that delivery driver and was one of many in our neighborhood that had that awful knock on the door Sunday morning asking if we had been awake and heard or seen anything. We had not. It took awhile to find out as the police were not speaking about what had happened and I prayed it was not our favorite driver. Be Damned if it was him. I am beyond shocked at our lack of justice and Young Offenders just taking a cake walk on everything. Obviously that kid’s mom can’t handle him so why would they let him out yet again to terrorize the neighborhood yet again? We have to change that Law and publish criminals of this nature, picture and all as we as citizens have a right to work and a right to safety where we live. He should be tried as an adult however that in itself is another joke. He’ll be a hero in jail. Walking in with an axe with a history of violence should be murder one. Wow it’s to bad that he doesn’t do the world a favor and axe himself. What a horrific thing that the beast walks free and a very decent hardworking man lost his life to a temper tantrum of I will get my way regardless of all else. I am very glad to know your relative was safe that night but why was a kid on parole out at that time of night armed with a weapon and who cared?
    My heart goes out to that man’s family and friends and to all of us that had the simple pleasure of being served by a genuine nice person. He will be sadly missed by all that he touched.

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop and write today Kathryn. It’s just senseless the violence that takes place in our city every day now. Like you I do blame our justice system to some degree.

      The youth justice system was not meant to deal with cold blooded axe murderers. And yet here we are again with a young offender who will probably walk away relatively unpunished. I know it leaves me shaking my head.