Leo Mol: A master with bronze.

With the arrival of spring here in Winnipeg I got to thinking about all of my favourite haunts. One of my favourite places to hang out and enjoy a nice sunny afternoon is Assiniboine Park. Within the sprawling acreage there are riding trails, formal gardens, duck ponds and the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.

Located conveniently adjacent to the foot bridge spanning the Assiniboine River, the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden showcases the artistic mastery of one of Winnipeg’s own. Born Leonid Molodozhanyn in Ukraine January 15, 1915. He studied sculpture at the Leningrad Academy of Arts and was influenced by Arno Breker and undoubtedly war-torn Europe of the 1940’s. He immigrated to Canada after the war with his new bride Magareth and made Winnipeg his home until he died July 4, 2009.  His credits include the Order of Canada, Order of Manitoba.  He also held honorary doctorates from the Universities of Manitoba, Alberta, and Winnipeg.

Leo Mol’s work graces the Vatican, Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and many churches and cathedrals in Canada including St. Mary’s Catholic Church in my home town of Fort Frances. Working not only in bronze but also in stained glass and paint; his commissions came from around the world.

Walking through the sculpture garden on a warm sunny day, perhaps in the morning with the sun just peeking over the treetops and the birds waking from a cheerful slumber chirping softly one can feel at total peace. The smell of dew fills your head as you walk through the paths and ponds in this bronze wonderland.

Take a walk with me now as we walk the paths in the park enjoying a beautiful day with the bronzes of Leo Mol.

Entering the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.

Entering the Sculpture Garden from the English Garden

Mary McGiverin

Bronze honouring the Chinese Labourers who built the Canadian Pacific Railway

The Canadian Pacific Railway was built by immigrants of all types, but relied heavily on the use of Chinese labour.

Close-up of Chinese memorial bronze

Coming into the park (wide angle)

Shhhh be very quiet there are bears at play.

Bears (wide angle)

Polar bear and cub

Wrestling match

A friendly tussle

Bears in a tree

Bear cubs

Ouch that's my paw!

Bath Time!

Bath time (close-up)

Not only bears dwell in the garden, but other animals as well.

A wild pig and her brood

Mother deer and fawn

White tailed deer


A bull, a babe and a Bob

Stay tuned for my next post in Leo Mol’s Garden.  Working men and nude women.

6 responses to “Leo Mol: A master with bronze.

  1. It seems like there are many wonderful sculptures. It makes me want to come to Manitoba and sight see instead of visit. There are a lot of places I would like to go now that I have read your blog.

  2. I could use a walk through a park with a Bob. 🙂

    • I am sure that you have many Bob’s in your area Nikki. But if you ever find your way up here I would be more than happy to show you around.

  3. I like “friendly tussle”