Of Easter Eggs and Spring Spheres

Well once again it seems the heavy hand of political correctness has seen fit to squash another one of our beloved western cultural quasi-religious observances.

Believe it or not this time the muzzle is being forced on our furry friend the Easter Bunny. In an attempt to further confuse children an unnamed school in Seattle would not allow a 16-year-old volunteer to pass out Easter treats this past week and call them Easter Eggs. Instead apparently the youth was directed to call the egg-shaped candies Spring Spheres. The reasoning for this was to wash any taint of religion from the kids search for treats.

Now what Easter Eggs, or bunnies for that matter, have to do with the Christian tradition of Christ’s crucifixion and subsequent resurrection I have no idea. Once again it seems that everyone has their collective knickers in a knot about absolutely nothing.

If you really want to get picky about Easter and its traditions we have to look not to the Christian Gospels or the Hebrew Torah but instead at the pagan mythologies and practices of the distant past.

Ēostre or Easter as it is known now is actually a blend of ancient Northern European customs that welcome the spring and celebrate a minor pagan goddess named Ostara.  Mentioned in the writings of Jacob Grimm, he writes.

“We Germans to this day call April ostermonat, and ôstarmânoth is found as early as Eginhart (temp. Car. Mag.). The great christian festival, which usually falls in April or the end of March, bears in the oldest of OHG. remains the name ôstarâ […], it is mostly found in the plural, because two days […] were kept at Easter. This Ostarâ, like the [Anglo-Saxon] Eástre, must in heathen religion have denoted a higher being, whose worship was so firmly rooted, that the christian teachers tolerated the name, and applied it to one of their own grandest anniversaries.”  – From Wikipedia.

The mixture of springtime symbolism and the European traditions of paganism blended well with Christian dogma of Christ’s rebirth around this time of year.  So in the churches mind the two fit well enough to allow the pagans into the arms of the Holy Roman See.

Bunny Christ on the Cross. Have we mixed the them too much?

The fact that treats are now delivered by a bunny once associated to a pagan goddess is all but forgotten.  So what once were two separate and distinct religious ideologies came together under the watchful eyes of the Catholic Church in order to make converts of the European pagans.

Much like Santa Claus our friend the Easter Bunny was then co-opted by corporate agenda and forced to deliver chocolate Disney princesses and transforming autobots all but crushing any memory of Christ or Ostara from the equation.

Let’s just face it kids are not stupid.  They know an Easter egg when they see one, and calling it a Spring Sphere at school isn’t going to change that fact.  Whether or not this whole Spring Sphere controversy is even real is debatable, I have not found one reliable source that names the student anything other than Jessica, age 16, or a name of the school.

It is true however that most schools these days are forced to abide by a non-promotion of religion policy.  So it’s not out of the question that something like this may have happened or will happen in the future.

But honestly Easter has very little to do with religion these days anyhow.  Let the kids chase and play as they hunt for the spring eggs of Ostara’s bunny.  Chances are they aren’t going to remember anything but the sugar high anyway.

Happy Eostre Everyone!!

20 responses to “Of Easter Eggs and Spring Spheres

  1. Ohhh how very wrong things can go when political correctness goes overboard. I mean, seriously, who gets offended by calling it Easter eggs? I am not raised as a christian (or any other religion for that matter) and I really do not have a problem with the different religious holidays – and why should I? Is not that why we have freedom of religion? Anyway… the pagan ones are more fun. 🙂

    • I agree with you Ivy. Currently we fight a daily battle here in North America against the forces who would try to take away our freedom to think and speak. The way I see it there are 3 forces at work, the church (or western belief systems at the very least), Commercial forces, and those who would love to paint every thing beige the Politically Correct.

      They battle daily for control of our minds and our tongues. Consumerism is the quick and easy route to follow, ohhh toys!!! Dogma has us by our traditional balls, if you don’t do this grandma won’t love you any more. Wag the finger.

      And of course the politically correct, everybody must be treated equally so no ones feelings get hurt. Everybody gets a prize!! BARF.

      So as you can see I like to cut brush and follow my own path in life, it’s harder but hey I get to see more of the country side this way.
      To follow the spring lambs and become a sheep is to be led ultimately to the slaughter. Now how’s that for a spring saying for ya!!

  2. A Spring sphere—- well- —- I guess when I think of a bunny and a spring sphere I think of something else but that’s just me and my child like mind….

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  4. I can’t even say “Spring spheres”. It makes my tongue tangle up.

    Love that last image

  5. I’m absolutely delighted that you wrote this. My friends always stare at me idiotically when I rail about the pagan origins in all their beloved religious holidays.

    • Glad to have been some service. When you think about it, I guess most people think that our current religious ideas just sprang forth from a bush or something. Ideas already formed, hierarchies established and control over a population willingly given.

      The fact that religions develop over time is what gives them incredible power over people. “Well if mum and dad believed it, and their parents believed it, and so on and so forth. It must be true!”

      Now I am not here to start an argument about religion but just think about all those crazy things that happened in the scriptures. Then watch an episode of Mythbusters or crack open a copy of any Scientology book. Compare and discuss.

  6. Spring Sphere? How ridiculous to push for such a change. When did people forget the joy of play, fun and fantasy? 😦
    Thanks for stopping by my blog,

  7. Hahahahahaha! Spring sphere! That is so ridiculous it is awesome!

    It is an EGG. It came out of a CHICKEN. It’s not even sphere-shaped! And the reason it is hard boiled and dyed or packaged in chocolate version is because it is EASTER, not spring. It’s an Easter Egg, morons.

    I am not Christian. I don’t celebrate Easter. But you will never get me to call those things Spring Spheres.

  8. Really Spring Spheres??? This is just getting out of hand. Some people need to step back and think “Does this really need a name change?” and “Would calling Easter eggs “Easters Eggs” offend people?”

    Thanks for the history lesson too. I learn so much when I read you blogs.

  9. Thanks for the history, once again, Bob! Missed you, buddy.

    • Oh you’re very welcome Nikki. Just glad you’re back and talking things out. It sucks and life will never really be the same, but it does get better.

  10. I promise, some people need to get a freaking life. Spring Spheres? Completely asinine, where do these people come from? You know it seems to me that political correct is just code name for I’m a dumb ass who has nothing better to do but dictate to others what they should believe & celebrate. Since the name was so long, they shortened it to Politically Correct. I think they should have shortened it to Stupid. That’s just my humble opinion.

    • Oh believe me I more than agree with your point of view. Why do we need to protect everyone from thoughts and ideas?