Springtime. When men’s thoughts turn to…Smokies!

Ahhh, I can feel it now.  Springtime is here!

Grass is peeking through as the winter’s snowy blanket recedes and the smell of sausages is in the air.  Like the buds on the trees and flowers that are beginning to awaken, the smokie carts are back on the streets of Winnipeg.

As soon as the pavement starts to show again and the hemlines on Broadway Avenue begin to creep up the legs of the secretaries and professionals, you can bet the smokie carts will be out in full force.  The propane fired grills sending out smoke signals once again to the hungry masses that crave delicious tube steaks on fresh Winnipeg rolls.

My own personal pilgrimage took place Saturday afternoon, the weekday traffic and crowds downtown were gone and little stood between us and hot meaty goodness.  The Winnipeg Convention Centre played host to our quarry and we quickly homed in on the twin carts with a crowd gathered round.

Smokie carts are always a sure sign of spring

I am a traditionalist when getting my first smokie of the year.  Although the menu choices now often include Bison Dogs, or Veggie Dogs.  I prefer a straight up Winnipeg Old Country smoked sausage on a white roll with mustard, onions and sauerkraut.  Ketchup need not apply for this job.

Heaven in tube form

This savoury taste of heaven washed down with an ice cold orange crush soda marks the beginning of good things this upcoming summer.  Sitting in the sun watching the people mill about the stands brings peace to my winter weary body.  Like someone telling me everything is going to be OK, summer is on it way.

Lunch time!

For once I believe the little voices in my head, after all I am sitting outside at a table no jacket in sight.  The temperature may only just be peeking above freezing today but the sun is warm on my skin.  The odd bird  flutters by scrounging for scraps of bread at my feet.  All is good with the world as long as I have my orange crush and my smokie.  All is perfect as it should be.

7 responses to “Springtime. When men’s thoughts turn to…Smokies!

  1. I absolutely love spring. Even in LA, I get so sick of winter and it makes me depressed. LA weather right now is on crack. Last weekend it rained like crazy, then got up to 90 for a couple days last week, then this weekend it is cloudy and overcast.

    Even though you’re a purist, I like that the smokie carts have veggie dogs! I always wonder when I travel to other place if they are veg-friendly. It’s a big factor of determining whether I will go. Orange Crush is pretty awesome. Enjoy!

    • I think I mentioned earlier that Winnipeg does indeed have a thriving vegan community. You can see them hanging out around the downtown gasping for breath barely enough energy to lift their tofu addled bodies. Sad really but yes we have them.

      Personally, as you know, I am a omnivore. I will eat anything that is not nailed down at the time. If I can rip it up then you didn’t nail it down hard enough.

      Spring kinda went out the window here, today we woke up to snow flurries (not showers, or event, it’s a flurry people) and rain. So old man winter that asshat is taking one last swipe at us.

      I would like to visit LA briefly just to say I was there, don’t know if I could deal with the smog though. My lungs like clean air.

  2. Nothing like a hot dog to make me happy, one thing I miss from Sweden is a hot dog specialty with shrimp salad and dog in a bun, it’s bliss in a bun. They don’t have that here in London, UK for which I cry a little from time to time. 🙂

    • I have seen this mutant variety that you speak of, Tunnbrödsrulle is it not?
      A hotdog wrapped up in a thin bun and topped with all manner of concoctions.

      The episode of No Reservations I saw had Anthony Bourdain eating one with a Swedish television hostess. Looked interesting to say the least, don’t know if I could do shrimp salad on my dog but until I’ve tried it I wouldn’t say no to one.
      Swedish hot dog

      • That’s the one, now I’m impressed by your knowledge. Not many people know about this one but it is really good. Creamy shrimpy goodness… 🙂


    You are officially the man who makes me hungrier than any other.

    Well done Bahb, well done.

    • Well you know that I know how much you love those scrappy little nuggets of food goodness. You are the sandwich queen after all!!

      Now go forth and eat yummy treats and hot dogs a plenty!