Bob Vs. The Goog

Goog.  Noun: A Canadian ice  cream confection consisting of an upside down blueberry shake, with a hot fudge sundae and bananas topped with whipped cream. Available at the Bridge Drive-In Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Goog Sundae

Spring finally must be here in Winnipeg.  This weekend two significant events happened that all but guarantee warmer weather is finally on its way.  Firstly I broke the BBQ out of its icy embrace and fired up the charcoal for the first grilling of the season.  Secondly the Bridge Drive-In is has opened its shuttered windows luring out Winnipegers from under their warm blankets with the promise of ice cream treats.

Bridge Drive-In

Now the Bridge Drive-in or as we locals call it BDI (Beady Eye), is a local institution that during the dog days of summer draws in crowds numbering in the thousands.  All for a lick of an ice cream cone and a walk with your sweetheart over the Red River.

Elm Park Bridge spanning the Red River.

Bridge over frozen water.

Only in Winnipeg would one see a crowd of eager people cuing up in lines 20 deep to wait for a taste of ice cream when the temperature hasn’t even broken the double digits in the daytime let alone zero degrees in the evening.  Yet there we were tonight bundled up in hats and gloves, the odd one wearing a scarf.  Money in hand waiting patiently for our turn at the counter.

Ice cream in hand, time for a walk over the bridge!

As it turns out I didn’t actually do battle with the infamous Goog Sundae this evening, but I did enjoy my first vanilla soft serve cone with chocolate dip of the season.  A cone in my estimation that is long overdue.  Welcome spring, and bring on summertime!

14 responses to “Bob Vs. The Goog

  1. Happy spring time to you!

  2. Hmm that ice cream sounded yummy! Have a great spring! 🙂

    • Well really when doesn’t ice cream make a yummy treat? Just so glad to see the start of things opening up for the season. The ice is starting to break up on the rivers and very soon we will be up to our eyeballs in alligators with the spring flood that appears to be on the horizon.

      So a little break between winter and flooding is a great excuse to go for a Goog! Thanks for popping in Ivy always love it when you show up and throw me a comment!

  3. Damnit! Why is everyone (ok just you and Thoughts – but that’s close enough, right?) posting about ICE CREAM?

    It’s 9:24am. Not to early for ice cream… is it?

    • It’s never too early for ice cream, or sex! Or for that special time ice cream with sex a la Nine and a Half Weeks. Tee hee and it was good too!!

  4. Every day is ice cream day in Sydney. My favourite flavours are boysenberry ripple and hokey pokey

  5. well well well
    As usual Bob, your post made me hungry.
    Ice cream + hot dogs = AWESOME

    rawr dude, rawr

  6. It’s so funny the things you take for granted. Living in Florida, the thought of not having ice cream is kind of sad & funny. We cry if it rains for more than a day and forget about traffic if it rains too hard yet we can have ice cream every day. Rarely is it not ice cream weather here. Your post of it being an indicator of spring makes me think of groundhogs day. Thanks for making me remember that it’s not summer everywhere & that when its freezing outside ice cream is not very popular.

  7. The slurpee capital of the world? That’s funny! Well, we’re the lightning capital of the world so I guess we all have our claim to fame. I can barely stand 30 degree temps, theres no way I’d be eating ice cream in the winter if I had to stand outside to wait for it. Funny, well no matter the season, glad you all got your fix 🙂

    • Yea I guess it’s all about what you’re comfortable with, I can’t take the heat.
      I melt into a puddle of goo. Ever seen “Frosty the Snowman?” That’s me!!

  8. Bridge Drive in is just like Millers in Fort Saskatchewan. You know it is spring when they finally open. Maybe the know something we don’t seeing as they have yet to open. 😦