Go Falcons Go?

In a bit of breaking news I managed to scoop the big boys today in the Phoenix Coyotes/Winnipeg Jets saga.

As the news has more than fully explained the new deal to sell the Coyotes to Matt Hulsizer have reached an impasse.  The Goldwater Institute, a tax payer watchdog group, has threatened to sue the city of Glendale, Arizona over its alleged gifts to Hulsizer in the purchase of the team.

Winnipeg Jets

Now I am not here today to argue for or against that deal, but what I did learn today did perk my ears up.   In preparation of a potential possibility of the “Jets/Coyotes” moving back to Winnipeg the Thompson/Chipman group who currently own the MTS Centre and the Manitoba Moose have secured the name “Falcons“.

Winnipeg Falcons Sweaters

My source confirms that a logo and hockey sweater are ready to go should a team become available.  My question is would Winnipeg accept the Falcons as a new team name?

The Falcons have a deep history in hockey history here in Canada and in Manitoba in particular.  Being the first team in Olympic history to win a gold medal.  Nostalgia runs deep here in the north, hockey is more than just a sport it is a way of life.  Team names are cherished and coveted, people often describe their lives as revolving around the rink where their children play.

Personally I think that if the Jets name cannot be secured then the obvious second choice would be the Falcons.  A team that echos in Manitoban  hockey history would be a fitting name for any NHL team that may find its way home to Winnipeg.

Story Update: Doing some digging I found a likely candidate for a possible team sweater.  Could this be the new look for a Winnipeg Hockey franchise?

Could the future team logo look something like this? (SigmaKappa.Carbonmade.com)



4 responses to “Go Falcons Go?

  1. That would definitely be a great name to be resurrected and seeing back in the rink. Hope it all pans out and they get on the ice with it.

    • Well with the NHL under Garry Bettman nothing is for certain. He will try to keep the Coyotes down south for as long as he can.

      But we can dream right?

  2. Great name….a great history and legacy attatched to it.

    • I must agree Drew. I like the history behind the name. I would love to see the Jets again but if not I think people could get behind Falcons.