Well dear readers it seems that I your Canadian wordsmith wanna be has received a couple of awards.  These accolades are from peers and do not give me any dollar figure credit.  But they are awards just the same, and I feel that I must acknowledge them.

Somewhere out in that great vast space we writers and wannabes call the internet lurk the masses of the great unwashed.  People who drift in and out of our little space, unnoticed but felt.  We can see their movements in our stats, we sift and gauge public option with every post.

But our peers give awards, and even if they are given lightly, I do not receive them without purpose.  To be tapped even lightly is a great honour for it means you have at least the ear of a few of your peers.

These last weeks I have not been tapped once or twice but three times.

Let that sink in for a second I’m begging you, sure these random, print them off as you will awards are just someone’s fancy.  But they had to take the time to give them forward.

The Stylish Blogger Award.

So stunned and snackerd I doth accept the Stylish Blogger award.

From Nikki and Ivy, dear ladies who hardly know me, yet love me just the same

The Memetastic Award

And the Metetastic Award. From my fiend up north WAY UP NORTH

Geeze I hardly know how to pronounce those words let alone what they mean.  But acceptance is acceptance.

And I should pass it forward.

So I give forward with both hands as an offering.

Redawna –  who is single handly trying to take over the slow candy movement in Alberta.

Ryan aka Wandering Menace for being a positive force in the world.

Girl Normal – For just being her and giving me constant giggles.

Nurse Myra for keeping the world clean and educated.

I think I am sposed to divulge something of my self here.

Hmmmmm Come for a beer and I’ll tell you…

Otherwise read my work.  That is all you’ll need to know.


PS. If you’re asking you’re buying.

7 responses to “Credit

  1. Educated? Ok I’ll accept that with thanks. But clean? I’ve always thought my blog was a little on the filthy side 🙂

    • Well you know what I mean hopefully. Your blog is always the edumacated point of my day, always brimming with historical tidbits and good stuff.

  2. Nice one Bob! Would love to have a beer but for now I guess a virtual “cheers!” will have to do. 🙂

  3. Well done and keep it up Bob.

  4. Congrats friend, Happy St. Pattys day (assuming you all celebrate that) & a virtual green beer cheer to you! 🙂

    • Actually I am part Irish by birth, so I celebrate in my own way even if I don’t go out and get pissed up any more. Thanks for the well wishes!