Maria Aragon LIVE in Toronto.

For any of you who were hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, I’ll explain and catch ya’ll up.  Little Maria Aragon the 10-year-old YouTube sensation who took the word by storm is back in Winnipeg after her whirlwind tour of big league American talk shows and performing on stage with Lady Gaga herself.

Maria being a Little Monster (Photo - Hot

When lighting struck the Aragon family a few weeks ago I’ll bet they never expected their child to wind up the toast of Lady Gaga’s universe and performing live on stage with her at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.  But there she was large as life, proudly strutting on stage dressed in black and purple and rocking her accessories with her prized stuffed monkey slung around her tiny neck.

Maria brings Gaga to tears. Again. (Photo - Stephen Fernandez/Splash News)

Announcing her to the audience Gaga quipped “Who styled you today…because that monkey is fabulous.”  Maria took it all in good stride hardly seeming out-of-place beside the half-naked pop idol.  Sitting down at the piano Gaga sat Maria on her lap and they started into Born This Way, the song that launched Maria on her internet road to fame.

Flashing the audience Elton John like glances the Maria worked the room like a pro.  Trading lines in the song with Gaga, and singing in harmony also.  Not bad for someone who just got ripped out of grade school to go on the road.

Maria and Gaga hug on stage. (Photo - Hot

For all of my regular readers who have engaged with me in an ongoing discussion about the wisdom of placing a child as young as Maria in this kind of instant stardom situation can rest easy.  Maria, worn out from her trip, just wants to go back to being a kid.  She has thus far rejected advances from record labels and intends on continuing her voice and piano lessons until she is old enough to make the leap to the big time.

Way to go Maria!  Stardom will come soon enough for someone with your talent.  Enjoy your childhood and your family secure in the knowledge the big time awaits when YOU choose to pursue it.

From the sold out show I give you, courtesy of Winnipeg’s Hot 103,  Maria Aragon.

5 responses to “Maria Aragon LIVE in Toronto.

  1. Glad to hear she’s headed back to being a kid – sounds like she also has a family that cares about her and is thinking about her – instead of fame!

    Thanks for the follow-up, Bob!

    • One thing I can say for sure is that the Philippine community here has very strong family ties. I am glad for that in her case, she seems to be a very grounded and clear headed young lady.

      Thanks for following along with her little adventure.

  2. She really is just so adorable