Living the Sheen Dream in Winnipeg.

Well friends it looks like Winnipeg has done it again.  First it was a trickle with Kitty Midnight Madness .  Then the trickle became a river with Maria Aragon and her YouTube sensation flooding the world and making Lady Gaga cry.

This however is total internet anarchy at its finest.  Local copywriter Jarrett Moffatt is living the Sheen dream in style.  His parody website displays a large talking head in the likeness of Charles himself.  Clicking on Sheen’s mellon produces one of the hundreds of ghastly quotes he has given in interviews during his recent troubles with the producers of Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen as seen on Live the Sheen Dream.

Live the Sheen Dream has accumulated over 16 million hits in just a few days of operation,  243 000 “Likes” on Facebook and almost 12 000 distinct tweets on Twitter.

All of this from a humble Winnipegger who wanted to sell a couple of T-Shirts.  Not bad Jarrett, not bad at all.

Story Update: I have just learned that the Live the Sheen Dream website has been having technical difficulties due to the incredible amount of traffic it is receiving.  The servers are unable to handle the traffic, but techs are working on a solution as I type this.

14 responses to “Living the Sheen Dream in Winnipeg.

  1. Wow!!!! Winnipeg is definitely on a roll!

    I clicked on that site…3 seperate times yesterday just for kicks.

    Love that it is *local*!

    • Yea Red Winnipeg has kinda been on a wild ride these last few weeks. Pretty cool eh!

      I heard about the website coming home from work today on the radio and busted out a quick piece on it. I guess people are really grooving Charlie’s nuttiness cause my numbers are through the roof again.

      Ah gotta love it when a plan comes together…. hit the A-Team music while I light a cigar. 🙂

  2. Winnipegians (is that a real word?) taking over the world? Slowly but surely?

    • We prefer the term Winnipegger, but in a pinch Winnipegians could do I spose. Actually it’s funny I got asked that exact same question about a year ago. From one of my original followers who has since dropped off my radar.

      We are a feisty bunch and many speculate that the long isolating winter months adds to our “Creativity”. Personally I think we are all brain damaged from the cold, but to each their own. What ever works right!

  3. Oh Charlie Sheen… honestly? I am so sick of hearing about him – especially with everything else my goddamn media should be focusing on! AUGH!

    That said. Yay Winnepeg!

    • Hey gimme a break Nik. Even I have to go for the low hanging fruit sometimes. Really it don’t get any easier these days than kicking Charles in the nuts for shits and giggles.

      • Oh I wasn’t aiming that comment at you, dear Bob! It was aimed at the world at large. Your post just reminded me.

        Poking fun is just fun.

  4. No offense taken Darling Nikki. Just givin ya a playful shot back.

    To be honest I think poor Charlie is a very sick individual with a huge case of denial on his hands. Who in their right minds would brag about smoking huge quantities of crack cocaine?

  5. Did you also hear Sheen hit a million Twitter followers in 1 day? This whole thing is actually quite sad to me. Entertaining for the masses, yes, but this is a terribly sick man with five children who will undoubtedly be scarred for life. When Dr. Drew said he was truly scared for Charlie Sheen, I thought, oh, whatever. But now I think he’s right. This is not going to end well. Some serious shit is going to hit and it won’t be pretty. I really hope he gets some help. I found this article to have a really interesting perspective.

    I wonder what his father thinks. And Emilio.

    • I know it’s a sad state off affairs he’s in, his family must be just through with him. You can only bang your head and heart against someones wall for so long before you give up. He’s clearly in denial.

      It’s sad for the state to have to step in and remove his children but in this case it’s obviously the right thing to do.

      That is an excellent link you have there, I highly respect Mr. Ferguson and his comic gifts. Like he said it’s like poking the mentally ill with sticks. But having said that no one is forcing Charlie to do these things, he has been offered help on more than one occasion. Apparently he is also sober now, so take from that what you will.

  6. As usual, I’m always the one to show up to the party late. Well, all I can say is that I’m glad he got fired. Who in this group could go on a rant, admit to taking drugs, get arrested for domestic violence, run your bosses under the bus on TV and then still have a job? I don’t typically take pleasure in others pain but to hear he was fired was thrilling and I say about freaking time. This guy is a time bomb imploding slowly & the news of him overdosing on something or eating a bullet will not at all be surprising. It’ll be sad but not surprising. Hollywood should be ashamed for giving this type of behavior so much publicity when clearly what it warrants is intervention. Sorry, it was the Charlie Sheen in me that made me go on this rant LOL

    • Well better late than never, I always love it when those whips of yours show up in my sidebar.

      I doubt that anyone outside of the small community of whacked out actors that Charlie is part of can even guess what he’s thinking from moment to moment. Having dealt with addiction issues personally I can see that he appears to be in clear denial of his situation. He may come out of it or he may choose to chase some fluffy thing down a rabbit hole again and never come out.

      But you have a point, I don’t know many people who could get away with what he’s done and retain a job let alone not be arrested. But much like a bad car accident or Hot Shots: Part Deux people just can’t seem to look away.

  7. Watching Charlie Sheen rant is becoming quite uncomfortable, rather then amusing…

    But my family is from Winnipeg (Well, one side). So go Winnipeg!

    • A most hearty welcome to you Esme. Always glad to meet someone who has roots here in my sleepy little burg. I am most grateful that you are feeling better now and I wish you luck in your dating endeavours.

      Dating sucks, but you can still have fun with it.
      Feel free to poke around and comment on whatever you like any comments that follow my rules are welcome. Basically no flaming, other than that feel free to express yourself to the full.