She did it! Maria Aragon on Ellen.

Little Maria Aragon, Winnipeg’s worst kept secret since the general strike of 1919, was on The Ellen Show this morning.  Buzz around town is that she hit it out of the park with her performance.

Let’s have a look at the footage together shall we.

5 responses to “She did it! Maria Aragon on Ellen.

  1. Okay, she’s cute. And talented, yes. But I’m not sure how I feel about blowing so much sunshine up children’s asses. It kinda fucks with their head and turns them into assholes and eventually, crackheads.

  2. Nice one, she does have a nice voice. I gotta agree as well with Singlegirlie there, hope she keeps it together and don’t walk around Winnipeg like she owns the place 🙂

    • Believe me the rest of Winnipeg is hoping for that too. We really don’t need two Justin Bieber’s to be from here. (His father calls Winnipeg home.)

      Thanks for popping in, seems like I visit your blog a couple of times a day. 🙂

      • oh my, no pls, one Bieber is enough (getting goosebumps here 🙂 ) and yes, it’s always nice to have u visit, I must come here more often though…