Maria Aragon to share the stage with Lady Gaga.

In an update to the story I posted Feb 18, Toronto’s 99.9 Virgin Radio has connected Lady Gaga with Maria Aragon.  Not only has 99.9 offered to fly Maria into Toronto and give her prime seats to the Lady Gaga concert in March, but also Lady Gaga herself has invited the budding diva onstage with her to perform Born This Way.

It seems that the word around the internet travels fast. With over six million views since the video was posted days ago, young Maria has already accomplished the worldwide fame part of becoming a superstar.

As many of my readers have commented we wish her well, but wonder is all of this literally overnight exposure good for anyone let alone a ten-year old girl on the cusp of becoming a teenager.   With all the inherent problems of just being that old is it really in her best interest to go for all the fame and fortune now?

Obviously as anyone knows the story of Pandora’s Box will tell you it’s not easy to put everything back into place once that treasure chest has been opened. I just hope that minds stay clear and they quickly retain someone who is worthy of the trust the family will be placing in them to navigate the minefield that is popular music.

Remember your roots young siren people here will help ground you when your head feels like it’s about to explode.  Family and friends be ready, it’s going to be and exciting if bumpy ride.

So what’s your opinion on Maria Aragon, is it healthy for such a young person to be pursuing fame and fortune?  Right or wrong, comments, opinions all are welcome.  I open the floor to you, discuss.

STORY UPDATE:  If all the reports that have been floating around in the media are true Maria Aragon and family are in L.A. and on set at Warner Brothers where The Ellen DeGeneres Show is taped.   Reports circulating in the Winnipeg media today have an appearance on Ellen’s show today Feb 22.

Lets hope the stories are true and that Maria has a great performance in store for the world in her television debut.  Good Luck!

4 responses to “Maria Aragon to share the stage with Lady Gaga.

  1. Very cool, I’m sure this little lady is going to be big. Its funny how just a few short years ago she could have sang her little heart out and she would have never been discovered. Youtube is amazing! We get to see so much talent and the people choose, not the record execs which makes it even better. I’m not surprised that another great singer is coming from our friends in the North, afterall, Celine & Deborah Cox are both amazing singers. I’m sure there are tons more that aren’t springing to mind right now but these 2 alone say it all. All the best to Maria, hope she becomes a household name because she seems like a really sweet kid.

    • I have no doubts that she is an incredible little girl. One thing is for certain she does have a very nice voice and is talented beyond her years. I just hope that things don’t happen too fast for her. I know I am sounding like a big worry wart but just look at all of the other child stars that flamed out after an initial big run.

      In any case I think it would be silly to expect that this is the last we will see of her, someone is going to sign her to a deal. If it hasn’t already happened.

  2. She’s so young.
    I agree with the worry about such fame so quickly, but she is certainly a talented little thing!

    • Well I made it through most of the weekend without seeing Maria on the front page of the newspaper, so hopefully things have calmed down a touch for her. I am pretty sure that the drive to get her on the Ellen Show is still going strong. We shall see what the coming weeks bring us.

      Nice to see your smiling face back among my comments Ryzilla.