Budge over Bieber. Get out of the way Grayson. Here comes Maria Aragon.

Gaga’s all gaga over Maria Aragon.  The young Winnipeg YouTube sensation has apparently brought Lady Gaga to tears over her cover of the pop song Born this Way.  In a tweet to her millions of little monsters, the ever-changing chameleon,  Lady Gaga said “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make Music. She is the future.”  The budding YouTube sensation has burned up the internet ever since.

Following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Grayson Chance may yet be in the cards for our ten-year old budding songstress.  Ace Burpee of Winnipeg radio station Hot 103 sent a limo to pick Maria up from school and deliver her for an impromptu session at the studio.

In a plea to gather Maria even more attention than the already large following Burpee appealed to daytime talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres to have the young lady sing for her and her audience on television.  Apparently Ellen has seen and approved.  In a tweet of her own she thanks Lady Gaga for showing her the now famous YouTube video.

The way things happen on the internet I think we can expect to see a performance from Maria on Ellen in the coming weeks.  Can a music contract be far behind?  Far fetched you say?  Don’t bet on it, Canadian teen heart throb Justin Bieber was discovered in exactly this way by Scooter Braun, and introduced to rapper Usher only a few years ago and look where he is now.

Following in the Bieb’s footsteps is young Grayson Chance snatched up and signed as the first artist under Ellen’s own record label elevenelevenGrayson is now on his first North American tour in support of his newly released single Waiting outside the lines and yet unnamed upcoming album.

If young Maria Aragon can get the support of Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres in one afternoon can super stardom be far behind?  Only time will tell. Good luck Maria, do Winnipeg proud.

Here for your viewing and blogging pleasure. I give you Winnipeg’s own Maria Aragon.

10 responses to “Budge over Bieber. Get out of the way Grayson. Here comes Maria Aragon.

  1. It is great that these kids are being discovered through their youtube videos!
    The timing of this post is almost surreal.

    My best friends daughter is being interviewed, this afternoon by a big time tv reporter from Global news in Edmonton. She is 11. She sang at a wedding last weekend and the photographers contacted the tv station about her. Gord Steinke watched her youtube videos and called then the next morning. Its been a whirl wind!!
    Who knows what will come of it?
    Her talent is amazing so we will wait and see!

    Anything is possible!

    • Cameras are everywhere now, since Rodney King it seems they keep making people famous. Sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for wrong.

      This little wonder has a lot going for her talent wise, I saw a girl last year sing the anthem at a Winnipeg Blue Bomber Game. But I haven’t been able to determine if it is Maria.

      If it turns out it is she already has a step and a half on Christina Aguilera for singing the anthem correctly! In any case I wish her well she’s going to have a long path ahead of her.

  2. Kids like this make me feel like a big zero. Girl’s talented, but I hope they keep her on the Winnipeg talent show circuit until she’s an adult, unless we want another Lohan on our hands.

    • I agree that a whole lot of damage can come out of a little bit of fame and fortune. Although I don’t wish her any ill will sometimes being a kid is indeed hard enough, let alone all of the pressures of fame.

  3. As long as she gets to say a kid for a bit longer… then the future will hold only greatness. 🙂

    • I think that the jury here is pretty much unanimous, ten is a very young age for fame and fortune. The road to the Hollywood old folks home is literally littered with the corpses of those who tried and failed to make it to old age.

      All the credit to YouTube for putting a goal in reach for these budding youngsters but I hope that they have their heads screwed on tight and straight. Cause the pressures that await can pop them lids off pretty quickly if they don’t watch out.

  4. I’m conflicted.

    On one hand? I think it’s awesome the ease of discovering talent via the interwebs. Anyone can be a STAR.

    But. Kids? Really? I’m with Ivy.

    • Wow, my fingers are getting tired from writing replies! I must have hit a nerve here. I have to agree once again as the father to an almost 13 yr old I couldn’t imagine the pressures put on a youngster placed in that situation.

      It’s bad enough dealing with the coming teen years let alone, money, fame and temptation. Pressures to perform not only for yourself but for your family’s name. That’s a big bit of weight to put on such small shoulders, here’s hoping she has enough good family to deal with the storm that is about to come.

  5. What on earth is Ricky Martin wearing?????

    • I think he’s wearing Shiny Metal Pants. All I know is that most of the women at work and a small proportion of the men were talking about his wardrobe at work the next day.