Going Viral!

I know from the many, many comments that I get every day on here and on my other blog feeds, Facebook and Twitter, that I have the best readers on the planet.   Apparently the world agrees with me, since I posted the my last Friday Fun Video, Kitty Midnight Madness has started to go viral on YouTube around the globe.

The Kern-Hill Furniture inspired ad staring Andy Hill, has made hearts pitter patter for lovable rescue kittens here and apparently everywhere.  From Winnipeg the news has spread to Fort Frances, Ontario and even far-flung Miami, Florida.  Where a drinking game was invented in honour of the video. No doubt causing many many college aged students to swear off Tequila and Kittens for the foreseeable future.

Approaching 320,000 hits as of February 10 it’s expected to be a certified viral sensation, one million hits, as of this weekend.  No one seems to know why videos like this go ballistic but cuteness certainly seems to be helping this one.  So spread the word, and get those lines of communication buzzing.  Let’s make Kitty Midnight Madness the internet sensation it truly deserves to be.

For all of you who have not yet seen this heartwarming video, here you go. Enjoy!

7 responses to “Going Viral!

  1. I seriously cannot stop laughing at that video…I love it. I want to adopt more kitties because of it! Ok maybe not, my two cats already take up too much bed space (not, OMG KITTIES EVERYWHERE)

    I wish more places would make videos like these, I think more adoptions would happen

    • I honestly don’t know if adoptions are up in Winnipeg since that ad went apeshit. But you’re right it is cute as hell and it sure can’t hurt the pet adoption scene.

  2. Sounds v cool! Loved the video. 🙂

  3. That’s fricking HILARIOUS!!!!

    • So glad that you liked the video Ambler. It’s been poking around Winnipeg for the last few weeks and most of the locals that I have talked to think it’s pretty funny. So it really didn’t surprise me to find out that it had started to go viral.

      Besides being funny as hell it has a good message. The overpopulation of domestic animals here in Manitoba. Humour can often succeed where brute force fails.

  4. This video is weirdly endearing. The rocking chair, the mid-nineties editing job, the slight resemblance to a mattress sale commercial.
    I like it.

    • Well the whole style of the ad was indeed based on Kern Hill Furniture television commercials from the 80’s, so it’s no coincidence.

      Glad you liked the post and the kittys!