Countdown to Super Bowl XLV

As game weekend approaches hype surrounding Super Bowl 45 continues to build.  Wagers are being placed on everything from the outcome of the big game to how fast the first points are scored and by whom.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Home of Super Bowl XLV

Let there be no mistake big dollars are in play here and everyone wants a piece of the action.  Take for example Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who has gambled and apparently won big with his massive new stadium in Arlington, Texas.  Costing over a billion dollars to build the space houses much more than just a football team.  It also is residence to a massive art installation featuring the latest in contemporary modern artistic vision.   With a capacity of over 100,000 the eager football fans are going to be blown away by size and functionality of this brand new structure.

Being front and centre for the week is certainly not going to hurt Mr. Jones pocket-book.  Another fellow who is more than certainly looking to boost his pay cheque, James Harrison a heavily fined Pittsburgh Steeler.  Will be looking to collect a big fat bonus cheque at the of the game to offset some of those hefty penalty fines he’s collected this season.

James Harrison Stalks the Gridiron.

Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly licking his lips at the chance to show up all of his detractors including the now retired (again) former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre.  Rodgers has the faith of his team and his adopted home town of Green Bay, Wisconsin at his back for this game and will no doubt come out gunning.  Only the Pittsburgh Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger at the helm can have anything to say about who will take away the hardware and the bragging rights to this years championship.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

Roethlisberger, no stranger to controversy, accused of sexual assault and suspended for the first 6 games of this years regular season with the Steelers.  No one I am sure would like to clinch a victory in the big game more after having such a slow and controversial start to his year.

Ben Roethlisberger in Action

No matter who you’re cheering for in the big game it is sure to be a classic match up in a top-notch facility.  Can you imagine the noise of over 100,ooo amped up football fans as kick off approaches?  It’s going to be utter pandemonium in Arlington, and with Super Bowl parties planned all across North America this weekend the continent will be going mad with Super Bowl Fever!

Super Bowl XLV

Story Update: It seems that old man winter is playing tricks on football fans and travellers hoping to get into the Dallas area for the Sunday’s Super Bowl match-up.  Heavy snow has hammered the area restricting air travel in and out of the region and leaving highways icy and dangerous.

Meanwhile in Winnipeg, a warm front has moved in leaving our normally ice tombed city warmer than Texas.  More on this from CTV News.

7 responses to “Countdown to Super Bowl XLV

  1. So this is were I say that I really do not understand American Football. 🙂 But I can imagine that the buzz must be quite something around that final game.

    I think I stick to watching rugby… [this is were I duck and hide] 😀

    • No ducking or hiding required here Ivy. I also wish that the game were a faster pace and that the people on the field wore less padding.

      Talking cheerleaders here!!
      WOOF WOOF.

  2. Wonder how many football fans will notice the art installations

    • I highly doubt that many hard core fans will even bother to look around at anything besides the field and where the beer’s are at.

      But there may be a cultured one or two that appreciate the work out of the expected hundred thousand, if the weather co-operates.

  3. Of course, here I come after the festivities but trust me I did my share of shouting. Too bad the team I was cheering for lost, but no worries, it was a good game of American Football. 😉 (I’ll have to check out some rugby soon though for sure). All I can say about Green Bay is….can someone put Clay Matthews in an envelope and send him to me? That’s all I want from Green Bay LOL I would have never noticed the art for paying too much attention to him, Bob, I’ll leave the….ahem, well padded cheerleaders to you hee hee

    • Thanks for leaving the cheerleaders to me, and I will see if my connections in GB can “obtain” Mr. Matthews for you and hand deliver him forthwith.

      On the off chance that he’s unavailable I may be able to get Mr. Favre to send you a cell phone pic of his junk. Will that do??

  4. LOL, no, I’ll pass, you tell Mr. Favre to keep his junk! Eeewww!
    They don’t have to hand deliver Mr. Matthews, I’ll take him shipped 3 day COD, dropped off by a carrier pigeon, UPS, FedEx, however they can get him here, I’m open. LOL If Mr. Matthews in unavailable, I’ll just peruse a couple of the Bucs here since they’re closer anyway….a girls gotta have options right? 😉