Letting Your Geek Flag Fly!

Over the last few months I have written a few posts about my geeky obsessions. Yes I freely admit that I do enjoy watching tales of monsters and mayhem weekly on Doctor Who. I will debate the merits of a pre-episodes 1-3 Star Wars Universe. While happily blogging from my own space; not my mother’s basement. In short my partner calls me a geek. Unlike alcoholics or intravenous drug users I don’t have a support group for my anti-social tendencies. Or do I?

GeekAdvancement.com is home to the Society for Geek Advancement. Founded by Shira Lazar and Lon Harris from the ideas put forward in the I Am Canadian beer ads by Molson Canadian. Shira thought to herself “Geeks out there deserve this too, eh?”

Thus the “I Am a Geek” project was born. Enlisting geeks from all over the world, videos were shot and edited, in a tongue in cheek way of course. Forming the project and becoming a force for positive change on the web. Using the new-found power of geek unity and star recognition Geek Advancement helped to raise over $250,000 for the Charity: Water movement.

The website and subsequent movement have formed a place where geeks of all stripes can openly share and express themselves in an environment free of harassment and shame.

It’s about time, I remember the dark days of high school. Being a social outcast for not being on one of the big time sports teams. I never denied friendship to anyone but was often held back from being part of the “In Crowd“. I formed friendships with other misfits, people who like me just never seemed to fit into mainstream high school life.

Maybe the internet is really starting to come of age. Whole generations of kids now have not known a world without instant contact or Wikipedia. Gone are the days when people of different stripes are forced to huddle in high school hallway alcoves looking for a sense of purpose. No longer do we have to hang out in the band shell or yearbook room. The internet has brought a place where no matter where you are you can belong.

My name is Bob and I am a geek! Now someone get me the movie listings I am sure Harry Potter is playing somewhere.

7 responses to “Letting Your Geek Flag Fly!

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  2. Ummm… I tend to think of myself more of a closet Nerd than Geek. I am not particularly computer-literate… although I have been known to bust out some serious code for statistical analysis…

    • Hmmmm I guess I tend to be more of a sci-fi enthusiast than pure geek. To be honest my math skills blow chunks. Although I did have the police called on me once in high school for hacking the computer system.

      Even though I build airplanes for a living it’s more of a job than an actual calling at my level. Still it’s pretty cool, and when my daughter takes my hand and points to the sky there’s a good chance that what she’s pointing at either I had a hand in building or know someone who did.

      One thing though Nikki, I think you still owe us a name for our little secret posse. GRRRRR

  3. I am both a Nerd and a Geek, and I AM PROUD!!!
    And that’s right, you let your Geek Flag Fly high!

    The videos you posted were hilarious and I shared with all of my fb friends, bc it was necessary.

    • Hey V, nice to see you again. When I was writing this I figured you may enjoy it. I have written a few on being a geek, check my back issues under “Geek Out!”

      Please feel free to share my work, I have it posted on my FB page also. Any traffic is good traffic right?

      Keep the good words coming Voldenae love your page, keeps me up to date on all the new stuff from the states.

  4. “Hack the Planet! Hack the Planet! Information wants to be Free! Hack the Planet!” – Cereal Killer – Hackers (the movie)

    That’s my geek level. Gadgets, computers (30+ years since I got my first ‘puter), media players, sound systems, all that good stuff… Lovely. Just ask Ivy, I’m impossible. 🙂

    Always been proud being that geeky.

    • Any friend of Ivy’s is a friend of mine. Welcome Anders, hope you enjoyed your trip to Austria as much as Ivy seemed to.