Perfect People Belong in the Movies…Lets Leave Em There.

I have done a great deal of reading on many of the blogs that I follow.  It seems that there is a great deal of discussion on the various levels of douchbaggery in society vis-a-vis dating.

Perfect but hardly real

Now I will freely admit that I am hardly a top specimen of the male human body.  I could really use to lose a few pounds, watch my cholesterol and be kind to animals.   But really doesn’t that describe everyone?

Maybe it’s just the blogs I read, I tend to gravitate to chick oriented lit.  Even I find male blathering unbearable sometimes, and I am one.   But ladies please, give it a rest.  Men, ahem, were not put on this earth to give you extreme orgasms every freaking night.  We were not placed here to drive you everywhere your pretty heart desires or buy you the filet with lobster.

Yes I know that the movies starring Julia Roberts or Jessie James’ last fuck feature romance and bumbling comedy.   But lets face it sometimes dating sucks.

Lord knows I had to wade through the shallow end of the gene pool before I found someone worth hooking up with on a more than occasional basis.  Yes sometimes a lay is worth tolerating inane conversation with a cell phone talking date.  But sometimes it ain’t.

Now before you get your panties up in a bunch, I am not pointing fingers or taking names.  I’ve been there and done that.  For many more years than I choose to acknowledge here.  Yes we all have our bad dates, the ones that want to make you pull your hair out by the roots and just leave already.  But because we were all raised right, scanning the room, we stay and put up with it.  At least till the cheque is paid.

Maybe if we’re lucky we get a toss, if not oh well.

I guess I am on my bloody soap box again, but geese people.  We are all human.  Some of us don’t know how to find a G-Spot.  (Well they don’t anyways.)   Chalk it up to experience, what doesn’t kill us makes us all stronger.   Dammm and with the amount I’ve been through just call me Iron Man.

I’ll get off my soap box now.


Since it’s still Friday here’s a bonus Friday Fun Video!

4 responses to “Perfect People Belong in the Movies…Lets Leave Em There.

  1. I started reading this and wondered where I was. I had to check the title, I thought for sure I was going to see a little whip up there. LOL, You know…YOU KNOW I feel you on this post right? Although, I am quite perfect, I still got something good from this 😉 tee hee

    You say if you’re lucky you might get a toss, some of the dates I’ve been on, the only toss I want is out of the car! THAT would have been a better time haa haa Great post Bob 🙂

    • Well Tame after all the posts I have done on fluff these last few weeks I felt that I needed to speak to a serious situation. Yes I am talking bout unsatisfying dating. Since big pharma hasn’t come up with a drug for this terrible problem yet I thought that I would address it.

      Yes I did use your post and a couple of others for guidance, but since they were all written by double x members I decided that we needed a y chromosome perspective in our little circle.

      If you feel the need to use that whip, adopt a kitty and play lion tamer. GRRRROWLLLL

  2. Hehehe what you mean men are not on this earth to give us all earth shattering orgasms all the time? Damn… I knew something was not adding up.

    On a serious note… none of us is perfect and douchebaggery is not gender specific. What does however make me see red is the unequality that unfortunately is still gender based, and yes this unfortunately fueled by both men and women. As a women I get angry with the guys that trumpet this bullshit and frustrated with women who fuel it. Equality should be a two-way street.

    When it comes to dating it is easy only to describe the mess oneself has encountered (or even created) – I have had my share of ridiculous dates with guys. Sometimes all I have wanted in the end was sex. I do not see anything wrong with that… as long as you are clear in communicating your intentions and not stringing anyone along.

    As my mum says, for every pot there is a lid – so I guess we just have to go through all the douchebags (and hopefully teach them a thing or two on the way) until we find someone we want to be with (part from just for sex) 😀

    Hey, I like the lion tamer reference above… though my kittehs are not having anything of it, sigh.

    • Well Ivy once again you get me. Honestly you had me at hello, oh Jerry Maguire where would we be without you?

      I get the fact that people are frustrated with dating, why do you think couples stay together for as long as they sometimes do. It’s not because they love each other, it’s because they’re afraid to jump into the dating pool again.

      Lets face it if dating were all it was cracked up to be NO ONE would get married. We would just bounce from partner to partner like a horde of Bonobo Monkeys. Once again I think it all comes down to respect and communication. Both parties need to clearly state what they are looking for and be respectful enough of the other to ensure a good time is had by all. Be it “just coffee” or a full on roman orgy.

      The part that gets under my skin is the fact that every other woman on the net feels that its her cause and calling in life to report every little bad date she goes on. Yea sometimes it’s funny but most of the time she should have just had the good sense to end it if he wasn’t meeting her expectations.

      It goes both ways, don’t think that for a minute that I am advocating bad behaviour from either camp. Just remember it’s called dating for a reason, and that sometimes you have to beak a whole mess of eggs to make that perfect omelette.