Elven Villages and Wondrous Eyes: Christmas Eve in Winnipeg.

Since the new year is now fully upon us, I have finally had a chance to look at some of the hundreds of pictures that I took from my Christmas vacation.

I know that many of you may have expected a Dungeons and Dragons themed post today with a title like I have today, but before my memories of Christmas fade here is a look at Winnipeg in the heart of the season.

Bright lights and Snowy Streets:

The people of Winnipeg tend to embrace winter like no other place I have lived.  Let’s face facts when you live in a city that is covered in snow and ice for roughly a third of the year, it’s the only way to go.  Lights and decorations also play a big part in celebrating the holidays.  Families go all out so that Santa knows exactly where to land.

Driving down Polar Bear Lane Christmas Eve

I Think Santa Can See This House From Miles Away!

I think Santa can see this house from miles away!

Many Santas, much mischief!

Enter the Elven Village:

Beware, elves ahead!

Mistletoe Manor

Jingle Rock Jewelry Shop

Northstar Cinema

Need a workout and haircut? Try the Slim and Trim Gym.

Who's recording at Reindeer Records on Christmas Eve?

Elvis of course. Complete With blue suede shoes!

Hard working elves also need medical attention.

For when the work is done an elven camping hideaway.

All of these incredible dioramas were on display throughout the month of December on a front lawn in Winnipeg’s River Heights neighbourhood.  Each piece is meticulously crafted inside and out and only stands about 3 feet high.  It is a wonder of dedication, or in this case winter addiction.  If you’re in Winnipeg next year I highly recommend visiting.  I apologize for the quality of some of the shots my fingers and camera were quite literally freezing up.

Of course no Christmas tale would be complete without the wonder of a child’s eyes and the tired excitement of pouring milk and cookies for Santa.

The traditional post delivery snack

A Christmas Eve puzzle before bedtime

Stockings are hung and sleepy eyes go off to bed

Stay tuned for part two! Ice Castles and Flashing Blades.

10 responses to “Elven Villages and Wondrous Eyes: Christmas Eve in Winnipeg.

  1. What – you went down Polar Bear Lane but you didn’t come down Reindeer Run Drive??? Some nerve!

    • Sorry Jo, it was late and Eric was getting grumpy. Plus we had Darryl fresh from out of the hospital so we wouldn’t have made very good company. I didn’t even know the proper name of Polar Bear Lane till you told me. My memory ain’t what it used to be.

      Did you get to the little elven village? It was so cute.

  2. Well I have only just begun drinking so the mistakes should be minimal. I may have to come back in an hour or 2 though. 😀

    Love all your pictures, some of that village would make fantastic gingerbread!!!!! The Slim and Trim Gym is priceless!

    It is such a cold dark time of the year I really love seeing everyones Christmas lights.

    I know in Edmonton they have Candy Cane Lane, a street where there are many many houses decorated. They have bins set up along the way so the people who visit can make a donation to the food bank. Great idea! Its been years since I have been down Candy Cane lane but I am sure it is probably better the ever.

    Cheers!!! 😀

    • Hope you enjoyed your night of “Mulled Wine” in the snowbank.
      I seriously think between our two towns we could take on anyone for most snow this winter. Well except for the Maritime’s those boys are getting hammered!

      I figured that you would appreciate the little elves village. Hope that it gave you loads of ideas for your gingerbread creations.

  3. Polar Bear Lane looks pretty

    • It really was, actually everywhere we drove that night was lit up like a Christmas tree. Like I said the town really goes all out for the Christmas Holidays. How is it in Australia, are your traditions similar??

  4. Looks lovely Bob! Really cosy with all those lights and all the snow. Makes winter and Christmas all the more magical. Nice pics!

    • Thanks Ivy. Well I wish the pictures had turned out better. I was trying to figure out the ISO settings for the new camera so that it would take decent shots at night.

      In the end my fingers and camera both started being very grumpy due to the cold. Bout -20 c that evening so everything froze up.

  5. Love it! Actually makes me feel warm (like warm fuzzy kinda warm) rather than cold, which I’m sure how it really felt. But kinda both, eh? Very different than where I am here in LA. Love the photos.

    • Thanks SG. So obviously I have seen southern Californian traditions such as freeway traffic-jams and the Rose Parade. Just how do ya’ll celebrate Christmas down there??