Friday Video Fun!!

Since the last few posts of mine have been pretty serious I thought that since I am up early before work this Friday some frivolity was in order.

Without further adieu enjoy…

Wishing everybody a happy baby monkey morning!!!

3 responses to “Friday Video Fun!!

  1. Thanks for popping in Evelyn. It seems that my regulars have abandoned me today, hmmph! Feel free to take a look around and please grab a cookie, they are over on that tray by the fireplace and the big comfy chairs.

    Just remember that EVERYTHING here is open for comment, so please don’t feel shy. Oh, one thing about the cookies, although they are metaphorical they are simply delicious!!

  2. I’m a little late on this one, but that was too funny! Thanks for the smiles!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I feel that monkeys could solve all of the world’s problems. Hmmmm. Actually, now that I think more on it, isn’t that what got the world into trouble in Planet of the Apes? Maybe nix my monkey plan.

      If you have the time or interest could you read my latest regarding censorship. I would love to have an educator weigh in on this topic.

      Glad to see you around.