Wishing all of you a Bloggy New Year

Well, here it is December 30th only one more day in the old year to come before a new one is born screaming and kicking.  What have I learned?

Baby New Year... Who wants a kiss??

Well for starters, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  In a few random tests I found out that I do indeed have a couple of lurkers hanging about in the weeds.  One of them pokes her catty head up from time to time but she’s no bother.  I have my own voice now and my own followers so BULLY for me!! YAY

I also have learned that I am not the only fish in this pond, I indeed have migrated out into the big ol’ sea that is the Internet and have found many a friend.  I can count many, but some that I will name by heart are Ivy, Singlegirlie Nurse Myra, Wandering Menace, Redawna,Nikki, and Tamethatman.  How I ever got such a following of women I have no idea.  But the fact remains, I rock women and the Norwegian!  Go Figure!!

Of the two I figure that the Norwegians are the easier of the two to figure out and I still have no idea why they like me so much.  Women I guess are attracted to my easy going nature and my love of animals.  HMMM did I actually say I loved animals??  Well Sheep do know my name after all. Bahhhb is so easy to say.

Kidding Kidding I kid cause I love.  I love you all my friends! Unlikely saints and sinners, whores and fiends.  What you lack in moral fortitude you make up for with plain fun.   I live vicariously through you one and all.  Through bad break ups, or moving up north. I follow each and every word.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a big ol hug to everyone that has supported me this year, I was down and out until a few of you found me lying on the proverbial mat and picked me up and dusted me off.  Seems like a major theme in my life this year.

Flat Out...

I have found love, we farted about… well I farted about. (Read kicked and screamed and lived on couches till I came around)  Till she finally got me.  Pinned me down and made me realize that I could actually be a better person with her.  Hmmm love is strange that way.

Ahh Love

So all of you who follow me, hate me, and love me.  To everyone I wish you all with equal measure a very happy new year.  May your cups run over with kindness and your hearts be full also.

Happy 2011 one and all!


Happy New Year!

16 responses to “Wishing all of you a Bloggy New Year

  1. Happy New Year Bob!

    • Thank You so much Nurse Myra. As one of my happy followers I wish you a very Hap Hap Happy New Year in Return.

      I thought I saw you on my little globe earlier. Glad to see it actually works !!

  2. Happy New Year Bob!

    Good to read how your 2010 is ending on a high note!

    Its been great fun getting to know you! Thanks Twitter!

    As for moral fortitude or lack there of…………….I will have to respond to that *comment* at a later time…….perhaps around 2 tomorrow morning! You may edit for spelling mistakes and proper use of grammer! lol


    • Well Red. I saw you on my little globe also. As for spelling mistakes, it’s the new year I don’t thing anywho will notice. much. Hic

      Ahhh gotta love spirits.

      Still waiting for my bacon!! GRRR

      Keep reading, and thanks for the good wishes over the year, it means so much to me.

      Just a simple man.

  3. A big Happy New Year!!! Have a blast in wintry Winnipeg this new years! Looking forward to reading many more great and fun posts from you in 2011!

    • Ivy I am very very glad that you are around with all that is happening in your area. Hope that you have all that you need to make it through these new troubles. Water and such.

      Thanks for being my new found friend. It does mean the world to me.

      Hap Hap Happy New Year

  4. Oh we have water, just not much of. Don’t you just love burst water mains… 🙂 Will just stick to champagne instead I think. 😀

    • Well hang in there Ivy. Yes I did see the frozen and burst water mains in Ireland here on the news. Champagne is a very good alternative to water!! Keep up that pioneer spirit!

  5. Happy New Year Bob! We’re happy to have some regular readers who aren’t related to us through birth or marriage…thanks for shouting the journey north out! Hope there’s a spectacular celebration in Winnipeg for you to attend. We’re supposed to be heading out at midnight for fireworks. Here’s hoping we get some auroral activity too!

    • There are fireworks shooting off from the forks market, actually right now as I write this! They are doing them at 10 this year to make it more kid friendly. Bloody cold out tonight though and the GF is still feeling under the weather, so it’s TV new year for us.

      Here’s hoping you stay warm with all of your “auroral activity” tonight!
      WINK WINK 😉

      Have a great 2011! See you in the New Year!

  6. Nya, Nya poor Blahb has his nose pressed at the window and wants so badly to get back in and the gang won’t let him. It’s pathetic how many attempts you make.
    When are you going to get it? Your out in the cold!! So close and yet so far…. and tweeting and pesting you know who’s wife and her friends only make you look , desperate.

    • Actually Traveller you make my point for me far more eloquently than some do. She can have that gig, I was never really into blogging about that one time chef anyways. I really don’t know why you keep bringing him up. Sure, I may have mentioned his work a few times here and there but by in large my work is my own.

      I don’t feel the need to go reposting other people’s stuff. Quite frankly the chef in question has more than enough people working for him these days anyways. I have my own following on here now so I am not looking for anyone’s approval, least of all not yours or hers or his. If anyone of them has a problem about what I write or tweet they are more than capable of telling me to fuck off themselves. I don’t hide who I am or my addresses.

      Actually reading your comments makes me wonder if your mommy loved you as a child? You seem to have a great deal of hate in your bones. Does someone need to go to the city dump and hug a pack of garbage rats??

  7. Happy New Year right back at ya, Bob! Sounds like 2010 was a good year, even if you worked through some shit, and landed you in a great place to tackle 2011! Cheers to your coming adventures, and to being able to read about them!

    Keep it up, my dear!

    • Yea Nikki 2010 had it’s ups and downs for sure. But the trick is to learn from them and not keep repeating old patterns that lead nowhere.

      Here’s hoping that I have a little luck on my side in 11 and that my hard work in all areas of my life will pay off.

  8. I’m late, I’m late. I am still on vacation but figured I needed to check in with my peeps and was pleasantly surprised to find that I have been blessed to be in your most recent post. It’s not those sheep that make me follow you, although I could probably get a stellar pair of warm house shoes out of a couple of them hee hee, it’s that you are indeed an easy going fella & I look forward to seeing what you’ll be up to next.

    Have a big ol’ happy, prosperous, healthy & successful 2011!

    • Well better late than never TTM. I must admit I am a bit slow on the draw getting back into the routine of work and putting out some new killer material.

      It is nice that for every asshat that I have that craps on my blog I have 4 of you guys to say really nice things about my writing. So when I can repay the favour by promoting a friends blog I do.

      Here’s hoping you get many an opportunity to crack that whip of yours in the new year. Glad you got the sheep joke!