Wishing You a Very Geeky Christmas!

Well people it seems that Christmas has finally come.  Here it is Christmas Eve.  The presents are wrapped, the stress level is finally starting to drop and Christmas cards are being opened and hung for everyone to see.

The subject of cards got me thinking about all the wonderful off beat Sci-Fi cards I had received over the years.  Here is a selection of the best from the net that I could find.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Rockin’ New Year!

A little something for a Dexter Christmas? (Via Cracked)

This first one strictly speaking is not a Sci-Fi themed card the from the guys at Cracked.com.  But more to the taste of a serial killer with a Martha Stewart flair!  Why not use Scotch brand tape to decorate your latest kill for the holiday season.  Yikes!  Better call out Scooby and the gang, old man Pederson is killing cheerleaders again!

The Real Reason for Santa's Red Nose and Rosy Cheeks (Via Cracked)

Finally the real reason for Santa’s cheery demeanour on Christmas night. It’s a very good thing that law enforcement doesn’t patrol the sky looking for impaired drivers.   I always knew that Mr. Clause had a trick for dealing with all of those mall brats and horny moms wanting to be the jolly ol’ elfs Ho Ho Ho.

Hope They Don't Breathalyse St. Nick

Whoops looks like someone had a bit too much Christmas cheer before heading out tonight!

Remember Kids DON'T Drink and Drive

These last few cards are courtesy of the festive folks at Lucasfilm.  Always on the cutting edge of movie magic and holiday fun.

From the 1979 Lucasfilm Christmas Card. What a Traffic Jam a Sandcrawler Would Cause.

Even Darth Vader wants to get into the Christmas Spirit!

The 2007 Card: Stormtroopers meet the Rocketts

With Santa in the Can for DUI, Someone had to Fill in. Yoda!! From the 1982 Lucasfilm Card.

Now He's a Real Ol' Elf! From the 1981 Lucasfilm Christmas Card

I guess even Yoda needs some helpers!  Who better than R2-D2 and C-3PO.

From the 1978 Lucasfilm Christmas Card. R2-D2 and C-3P0 get into the Christmas Spirit

Even Droids Like to Dress Up in Festive Garb. From the 1980 Lucasfilm Christmas Card

Ewoks much like small children love to open presents Christmas morning!

Santa's Little Helper on Endor. From the 1983 Lucasfilm Christmas Card.

Everyone needs a place to hang out and enjoy something to eat when you’re on the run from the Galactic Empire.  Good thing they observe a truce Christmas Day!

Chewbacca Puts on a Festive Christmas Spread for the Gang (2005 Lucasfilm Christmas Card)

However you choose to spend your holiday, please remember the true meaning of the season.  Enjoy your family and friends, extend a helping hand if you can.  Love one another, peace and goodwill to all.


2010 Lucasfilm Card - PEACE

Inside Card

PS. Don’t forget to watch Space Channel here in Canada for the 12 days of Spacemas!

6 responses to “Wishing You a Very Geeky Christmas!

  1. I like the 2005 card best. Merry Xmas Bob!

    • Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you too sexy Nurse Myra.

      It’s a tossup for me, I do really like 2005′s diner card but I also really like the 1979 traffic jam card.

      Hope Santa’s elves brought you everything you wanted for Christmas.

  2. An Ewok Santa? Those things are creepy enough to begin with, I definitely wouldn’t want one coming down my chimney and creeping around while I slept. The 79 lucasfilm card’s pretty cool, though – really puts the scale of the man’s imagination into perspective!

    • Aww come on now T.T. Ewok’s are all cute and cuddly, like big o’ teddy bears. Could be much much worse, could be Spike from Gremlins dressed up as Saint Nick coming down your tree and into your nightmares Christmas Eve.

      Thanks for popping by, feel free to stop by anytime the mood suits you, the door is always open. That reminds me I must call the locksmith in the new year, damn door never closed properly anywho.

  3. Oh man! I need to get on our Geek Squad name! Crap!


    • Yes my darling Nikki you do. Oh I like the sound of that, Darling Nikki, just like the Prince song. Am I showing my age now??

      Now that I think of it we could just adopt a symbol, hell Batman did.

      But I’ll leave the creative portion in your capable hands, just stay away from the hard stuff when you’re thinkin’. maybe you work better on a brain full of Tequila? Having never actually met you it’s hard for me to judge.