This is Something we Can’t Ignore. (via Women Are From Mars)

It’s not very often that I turn my little piece of the web over to another point of view, but today is an exception. The subject of rape is one that is often whispered about in circles. The question of who is to blame often rises its ugly head.

Todays topic explores the pain and stigma of rape. It is not for the faint of heart but it is an issue that needs to be discussed.

For far to long society has quieted the screams of the abused. Blaming them for an attack against their body and soul. No longer should people be judged for wanting to cry out no more. To end the abuse, to shine a light into those dark corners where long hidden family secrets and shame lie.

With that I give Nikki the floor.


OK OK – I had some misinformation (and what do you do with misinformation? You tell people you were wrong and correct it). Apparently, the victims names in the stories below have been available – so Mr. Olbermann did not in fact out the victims (thank the fucking gods or someone). However. Both Olbermann and Moore have been actively discussing and spreading false information about victims. This is also unacceptable – please read Jezebel here. I s … Read More

via Women Are From Mars

4 responses to “This is Something we Can’t Ignore. (via Women Are From Mars)


    I really appreciate you speaking out and spreading the word. Yes, the behavior of Moore and Olbermann (still – wtf, guys) is not acceptable, but the underlying message is that we can’t allow our culture to ridicule and shame those that cry rape. It doesn’t matter how you feel about that mess, the bottom line is still the same.

    We can’t pretend this isn’t a problem. We have to let those victims that are out there know we don’t all ridicule and we don’t all shame. We support and we discuss.

    Thank you again, buddy. All the best.

    • Well thank you Nikki. You did all of the heavy lifting on this post, all I am doing is spreading the message.

      I think it’s really important that everyone really take a close look at the way they treat others. Not just men to women but everyone to everyone. There is a great deal of bullshit that hides in our societies, and quite frankly it’s about time we flushed the toilet.

  2. I’m sorry Bob, I just can’t bear to read one more post with Julian Assange’s name in it.

    • I am with you Nurse Myra I have been avoiding Julian Assange like the plague also. But this post by Nikki speaks to the larger problem of rape in our society. So I decided to give it a re-post.

      Here’s wishing you and and all of yours a very Merry Christmas and a Hap Hap Happy New Year!!