Saturday Morning Geek Out: Dr. Who Style

For any of you who have read my blog for any amount of time will already know I am an unrepentant and incurable geek.  It’s a sickness I’ve had since I was a grade school boy who grew up with Star Wars (the original un-fucked Han Solo shoots Greedo first version thank you very much George Lucas), Space 1999 and tales of a show called Star Trek that went off the air before I was born.

So it was around that time I first discovered the doctor.  Kids would come to school telling tales of a British program they had seen on TV Ontario, about a man who travelled around to other planets in a phone booth.  Not only could he travel to distant stars he could also go back and forth in time!  He was Dr. Who, a Timelord who would solve mysteries and could not be killed.   What slightly intelligent and socially maladjusted kid wouldn’t love that!

David Tennant as The Doctor standing outside the Tardis.

I would run home after school to click on the television and hope the antenna was in a good mood that day.  I would watch a long scarved Tom Baker portray a bumbling and quirky Timelord who along with his beautiful companions save the universe week after week.

Tom Baker as the Doctor

Flash forward to 2005, the boy has long since grown into adulthood and Dr. Who had long since fallen out of fashion.  The camp of the 80’s and 90’s almost killed off the legacy of The Doctor for good.  Until Russell T. Davies re-imagined the concept and put The Doctor back on the television.  This time starring Christopher Eccleston as the hard-edged, no-nonsense alien battling Timelord.  The new series was a hit.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that Craig Ferguson late night Scottish talk show host was also a closeted geek.  Having grown up in the homeland of the BBC Ferguson knew first-hand the power of Dr. Who, and dedicated a series of nights to his boyhood hero.

The Doctor's Most Feared Enemy - The Dalaks

Due to copyright  issues his song and dance number in honour of the Dr. had to be scrapped for television broadcast.

But worry not dear reader and fellow geek I have it here in all its glorious song and dance splendour!  Grab a flagon of mead or a chalice of Romulan  Ale and geek out with me.  Feel free to wave your sonic screwdrivers with pride The Dr. Who song and dance is here for you to see!


17 responses to “Saturday Morning Geek Out: Dr. Who Style

  1. I adored watching Tom Baker in the original Dr. Who run when I was younger. I haven’t had the opportunity to devote to getting into the revival of the series, though I have caught a few episodes with Matt Smith in the title role, and I adore Christopher Eccleston, so I do have every intention of catching up on it all. Good to see the geeks think alike…Greedo did NOT shoot first, and never will. 😉

    • Yes geeks everywhere over the age of 30 I am sure were horrified with what Lucas has done with his franchise. I barely even recognize the fact that there are Episodes 1-3. He could have done so much better with them, but instead turned them into 6 hours of toy commercial.

      The Dr. Who reboot is very very good, pretty much required reading for this household. Eccleston plays a very different Dr than most of us are used to, very hard edged.

      David Tennant plays more of a mournful torchered soul, but adds a counterpoint of humour and scary intelligence. Matt Smith I really don’t have a handle on yet, maybe one more season to get me into his interpretation of the character.

      Glad to see your Internet is working up north!

  2. Haven’t seen Dr.Who in years! It’s epic. 🙂

    • I find it pretty funny that all of my American readers must be scratching their collective heads going, “Dr. Who, what the hell is that!?”

      All of the comments that I have gotten here and on my facebook page have been from Canada and Europe. Too Funny!!

      I have to agree with you Ivy, Dr. Who is indeed epic. The longest running sci-fi program ever!!

  3. Way to embrace your inner geek Bob.
    Nice to know that geeks are still alive and kickin the world over. 🙂
    I can’t stand the latest Star Wars movies. They are unbearable to watch.

    • Was there any doubt, we geeks are everywhere. Hiding in the cupboards and beneath piles of laundry and comic books.
      I notice you drop more than the occasional geekism. Maybe my ears are just attuned to that particular frequency?

      As for Lucas and the Star Wars debacle. Why George, why? It was bad enough that you had to include Jar Jar Binks, but did you have to pin the whole series on a cast that really couldn’t act it’s collective asses out of a speeding ticket. ( Ewan excluded.)

      Did you really have to kill off Darth Maul? He was the best thing in that first movie, and why is it only Droids that get shot? Getting just a little bit A-Team on us there.

      I had better stop myself now before things really get nasty.

  4. I’m American, but I am an unabashed Doctor Who fan. I had no idea that Craig Ferguson as well! I’ve seen every episode since Tom Baker, including the unfortunate movie.

    I don’t quite have a handle on Matt Smith’s interpretation just yet either, but I do know that I enjoy watching his Doctor bumble about, and his relationship with Amy and Rory is definitely entertaining. I eagerly await the Christmas special! Steven Moffat is my idol.

  5. Welcome Man-Shopper nice of you to grace my little corner of the net.
    I had actually hoped that my little poke at U.S. sci-fi fans would get me some action, no offence meant.

    I am glad that you’re a big Who booster, and yes I am trying to forget that horrible movie as well. Some things are best left alone.

    The Christmas specials have become something that I look forward to every year. I have no idea what the Dr. has planned for us this year but I do look forward to seeing Steven Moffat in the mix.

    Cheers to you, feel free to grab a cookie. They are metaphorically delicious!

  6. Well, I’m afraid I simply can’t relate to this post because I’m not a geek. I am, and have always been, cool. That’s why on Saturday night when I was doing the Pee Wee Herman dance in the grocery store, everyone was staring at me. They all thought, “What a cool effing chick that is. She even knows all the moves.”

    But I’m glad this Dr. Who makes you happy.

  7. LOL So glad that you have your moves down to La Cucaracha! I would hate for you to have missed a step and screw up your cool Singlegirlie.

    Unfortunately, I too have always been a trend setter and not a follower.
    It’s a heavy burden when you’re trying to convince the world that iron on Star Wars T-Shirts are the way to go. Ahhh the 70’s were a pretty wild decade.

    I am glad that you have found your true calling in life!

  8. *Pssst* Hey Bob… I’m a big nerd, too – what I do every day even involves a lot of – yikes! – math (statistics, whatever)! But don’t tell anyone! It’ll be our secret! 😉

    • *Pssst Nikki* Ok, I really don’t understand math nerds very much. My math skills blow goats. I am truly horrible with numbers. I am much more of a language based nerd.

      Glad that you have admitted your inner geek, put on your pocket protector and grab that scientific calculator and let your geek flag fly girlfriend!!

      I hope no one heard me whispering to you, this internet is full of freaks you know!

      • We could team up as nerds – you take language (I am terrible at spelling and grammar! shhh!) and I’ll take math!

        Yes – watch out for the freaks!

  9. I am game for that Nikki! I do have the grammar police stop by here every now and then and tune me up a little. But I am hardly the worst that the web has to offer. Do you have a name in mind for our little grope. (Oops Group, blush)

    I think Super-friends is already taken, and I don’t fancy the Word Avengers much either.

    So I’ll leave it to your superior female intellect to come up with a name for us.

  10. Wow Geeks ignite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! er unknit?….. unbite??? hmmmmmm I think the cookie jar is looking pretty empty Bob I had better refill it for you. heheheh Well done my friend, very well done.

    • Hey Snoopy!!! Thought you had given up on reading my little rag.
      It’s come a long way since I started out over a year ago. I still have yet to get my first cookie recipes in the the jar. So you have work to do my friend. Nice to see you poking around here again, don’t be a stranger!!