Takk Norge! (Thank You Norway!)

Dear readers, English translation follows.

I en uformell avstemning jeg nettopp har fått ser det ut til at jeg er en hit i, av alle steder, Norge. Kanskje det er fordi vi deler samme klima eller kanskje det er en masseflukt av nordmenn planlegger å rømme fra EU og emigrere til vennlig Manitoba? Jeg vet ikke.

Uansett tilfelle jeg vil takke mine venner i Norge. Mine lesere fra Oslo spesielt. Jeg tror du vet hvem du er. Midt på natten når jeg brann opp trykk som er det blinker bort på min verden, men gode gamle Oslo.

Dag og natt jeg kan se deg blinkende bort, jeg aner ikke hva jeg har skrevet å fengsle ditt sinn. Noen ganger kan jeg se bort fra skjermen for å se om du er titte ut på meg … ser på meg som jeg skriver, redigerer, ripe og redigere litt mer.

Du er alltid der, blinkende bort i dag og natt, er du en terrorist sovende celle bruker bloggen min som en front? Planla å gjennomføre nefarious ordninger mot vest? Jeg håper ikke det, det ville virkelig ødelegge bildet mitt perfekt utsikt over ditt land.

Et land hvor folk er frosset som vi kanadiere. Et land hvor en god øl er en fødselsrett, og alle tenker at de franske snakker bare litt morsomt. Et land med majestetiske fjell og dype fjorder. Landet der Viking historier sprang frem. Jeg ville hate å tenke stygt om deg Norge. Hvor ville våre to land være uten den klassiske kampene på curling isen? Ingen andre land kan gi opphav til en krølltang som Dordi Nordby.

Dordi Nordby

Jeg ville elske å rapportere at mitt land elsker meg så mye som du gjør skånsom Norge. Men med dobbelt treff dommen er i, står en oversikt i Norge 2402. USA på andreplass med 1435 treff. Dessverre mitt eget land Canada forutsigbar runder ut toppen 3 med 1247 treff.

Du kan lære Sør-Korea en ting eller to, elsker bare én person meg i landet kimchi og Chile vet knapt at jeg er levende med bare 4 besøk til Bob’s Place.

Takk Norge! Jeg vet ikke hva jeg gjør for å skape et slikt oppstyr, men jeg lover ikke å skremme deg bort i fremtiden.

And now in English…

In an informal poll I have just received it seems that I am a hit in, of all places, Norway.  Maybe it’s because we share similar climates or maybe there is a mass exodus of Norwegians planning to escape the EU and emigrate to friendly Manitoba? I don’t know.

Kom til Canada (Come to Canada)

Whatever the case I would like to thank my friends in Norway.  My readers from Oslo in particular.  I think you know who you are.  In the middle of the night when I fire up the press who is there blinking away on my globe but good old Oslo.

Day and night I can see you blinking away; I really have no idea what I’ve written to captivate your mind.  Sometimes I look away from the screen to see if you’re peeking out at me… watching me as I type, edit, scratch and edit some more.

You’re always there, blinking away in the day and night, are you a terrorist sleeper cell using my blog as a front? Plotting to carry out nefarious schemes against the west?  I hope not, that would really ruin my picture perfect view of your country.

A land where people are frozen like we Canadians.  A land where a quality beer is a birthright and everyone thinks that the French talk just a little funny.  A land with majestic mountains and deep fiords.  The land where Viking tales sprung forth.  I would hate to think ill of you Norway. Where would our two countries be without the classic battles on the curling ice?  No other country could give rise to a curler such as Dordi Nordby.

Silly franskmann (Silly Frenchman)

I would love to report that my Canada loves me as much as you do gentle Norway.  But with double the hits the verdict is in, the tally stands at Norway 2402.  The United States second with 1435 hits.  Sadly my country of Canada predictably rounds out the top 3 with 1247 hits.

You could teach South Korea a thing or two, only one person loves me in the land of kimchi and Chile barely knows that I am alive with only 4 visits to Bob’s Place.

Thank You Norway!  I don’t know what I am doing to create such a fuss, but I promise not to scare you away in the future.

11 responses to “Takk Norge! (Thank You Norway!)

  1. Very cool!!!!
    Your Norwegian fans will be very pleased!
    Its cool to see people from around the world looking at your blog.
    Through I noticed your globe now says I am from Peace River…..it must be drunk! oops no, that might be Me!
    The wine is good tonight! Though I am only tipsey…….for now. 😀

    ……sigh….I would love to swept away by a big strong half naked Viking….. lol

    As always love your blog Bob! Thanks for the giggle tonight!

    • Oh Red, you must have been drunk.

      It’s not very often I have to edit your replies to make them readable. 😉

      The Norwegians look very pleased actually, as I type this there are at least 3 little Norwegian flags going round and round on my globe.

      I have no idea what they are thinking of this because no one from that side of the world ever posts a reply to my work. I can only assume that it’s a bunch of strong wild haired Viking descendants planning on freeing you of your wine and virtue.

  2. What about Australia?

    • As it stands this morning it looks like Australia has 88 distinct visits.
      Not bad for a country half way around the world and enjoying summer.

      But you can do more, Myra! Click on those “Share” buttons. Hell print me out and post me on your bathroom wall!! Some people would agree that Bob’s Place is best read while defecating anyway.

      Thanks for stopping in perhaps you can send my friend Red a care package for Christmas. Looks like she’s a bit lonely.

  3. lol!!! Bob!

    Far from lonely but perhaps blogging and wine are not such a good mix!


  4. That was cool! Who knew that Norway wants to know so much about Manitoba? OR Who knew you even spoke Norwegian?

  5. This is great Bob. See, this is how it starts. First, you’re big in Europe, and then you become an underground cult classic in Canada, and then we overexpose you and give you pop star hair in America.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    • Hmmm I could be the Canadian Hasselhoff!! I could have my own line of Eat on the Floor Cheeseburgers and everything!! OH JOY!

      Christmas HAS come early…. But wait it’s only the Norwegians. Cancel the cheeseburger and get me some Herring Snax stat!! 😉

  6. Very cool Bob, very cool.
    Love the print-out suggestion. Nice tip, I’m sure readers will take that into consideration. 🙂
    I’ll make sure to check in on you wherever I wander, so that the appropriate flag pops up-promise.

    • It would be nice to be able to track you Ryzilla, although I am sure you are currently being monitored by Interpol and other governmental authorities for being such a loose cannon.

      Glad you agree with what I suggested to Nurse Myra. Bob’s Place is easily printable and can be read in most locals. Even the Crapper!!
      It’s early Saturday morning and my brain is not up to speed yet.