Why We Blog

Lots of people ask me why I blog and I rarely have a straight up answer for them.  Sometimes it’s because I need to get something off my chest.  Sometimes it’s because I like to post some pictures I have taken.

But in the end I guess it’s just because I have a voice.  One of many howling in this sometimes cold and inhuman world.  A voice that needs a place if not to be heard, then to be spoken.

If someone reads what I say that’s a good thing, if it’s good enough to be talked about that’s better.  If it’s shared and on and on and on.

The point is I guess that we are the voices of the free, we have the right to yell and rant or cry.   Many of us will give thanks this week.  Speaking of love and family, that’s cool too.

But the point is we can.  We are able, and we must.

As long as we have the ability we should express ourselves, because we can.  Let us rage about punk music in London, or cry about the death of a relationship.

This Internet is a glorious thing, for the people by, strangely enough the military.  But it’s ours now and let us never ever give it back.

Let us love and rant and share and care.

Because we can!!

I’ll get off my soap box now.


P.S. Because I can let’s have some porn star dancing!!

13 responses to “Why We Blog

  1. I love it Bob!!!!!

    I agree, blogging is such a great outlet, for whatever strikes ones fancy!
    And a great way to meet like minded people!

    I wish I had more time to do it….thing working for a living really cuts into my Twitter and blogging time……….

    Hope your snow is short lived!!!


  2. Thanks Red.
    Ya know sometimes ya just have to rant. Let it out, but when I see what’s going on in the world today there are many people that just don’ t have this choice. We are free, we have a voice, I choose to use mine.

    You may not agree with what I have to say but does that make it any less valid??? Who knows. But we who blog have found our voice, let’s keep it and use it.

  3. Bob.
    Please stay up there on your soap box.
    Your posts make me smile. Cool thoughts on why we do this in the first place. I’m sure glad we do. Otherwise I’d have no idea about that amazing hotdog place. World not the same without hilarious commentary man, glad we got this spot for it!!

    • Thanks Ryan.

      Got off on a rant there, snow is making me a bit crazy. We all can’t go out and punk it up every night!!

      But I think you got what I meant. Since we choose to blog and we have a voice why not.

      I get so sick and tired of people being flamed online. Hate groups attacking people, everyone really is just one person. We all should have our own little place to peek our heads up and shout out every now and then. NO??

      I figure you’ll agree with me.

  4. Yea hate groups are a complete waste of time and energy.
    I’d rather just laugh all day.

  5. Amen, Bob. Keep it up. 😀

    • Hey Nikki!

      Oh, I plan to. Seems that with all of this snow we are getting up here in the great white north I am going to have to keep my mind occupied somehow.
      So to that end I will continue to step on my milk crate and shout my particular brand of madness to anyone who will listen.

      Thanks for coming along for the ride thus far!

  6. hummmmm…..porn star dancing……funny I don’t rememer seeing that yesterday……… fitting though with the day I have had!

    Been dabbling in a bit of……sexy fun these days myself!

    Exploring the writter within…..its taken a turn for the naughty, and I have loved every minute of it!

    Just not sure I would post about it on my blog……I think my mother reads it……….. lol

    • Well make sure you keep me posted on any new developments in your writing world Red. As for the video it was a last minute addition after I had written and posted it.

      Felt given the spirit of the piece that it needed a punctuation mark at the end.

  7. Hey Bob!

    This writing is something new for me, apparently I am quite good!
    Funny, a few of my *guy* friends have volunteered to *proof* read if I need!
    I will keep you posted~

    • Well if you need an objective point of view from another writer please feel free to send them to via E-Mail. I will do my utmost to be impartial when reading.

  8. Nothing like some good ole porn star dancing to cap off a blog post. Well done – cheers!

    • Welcome, welcome Teri!!

      Hope things are going well for you, life sometimes kicks ya in the crotch. But you have a good attitude so grab a cookie from the metaphorical cookie jar, pour a beverage of your choice and stay awhile.

      Take a spin on the pole yourself if you care to, I just had it installed this week. The girls really seem to like it!

      Glad to see you made it here, feel free to wander around and comment on anything you see!