Winnipeg in Autumn: Kings Park

Since I received such an overwhelming response to my first Winnipeg in Autumn piece I decided to throw together another quick posting of one of my other favourite public spaces within the City of Winnipeg.

Kings Park, in the extreme southern quadrant  of the city just outside of the University of Manitoba on the Red River.  It is, in my opinion one of the most picturesque parks in the city, containing  Japanese style pagoda gardens throughout.  It also has vast rolling greens, wooded paths and a quiet river walk that skirts the winding Red River.

A recent addition is the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth, completed in Spring of 2009 it offers a place to walk and reflect quietly within the peaceful park setting.  Carol Shields was of course the world-renowned author of such enduring classics as The Stone Dairies.  She lived and worked in Winnipeg for many years and identified with the realities of life on the prairies.

Kings Park

Entering Kings Park

Enjoying a Stroll on a Sunny Afternoon

A Pagoda in the Park

Lonely Tree and Big Sky

Rolling Hills in Kings Park

Dark Passage

March of the Evergreens

A Lonely Walk

The Lazy Red River

Labyrinth in Autumn

Blue Pond, Green Fields

Still Pond, Quiet Pagoda

Wetlands and Red Bridge

Pagoda Panorama

Good Night Winnipeg

Winnipeg Skyline at Dusk

Downtown Winnipeg at Dusk

4 responses to “Winnipeg in Autumn: Kings Park

  1. love the blue pond

    • Thanks Nurse Myra. I love those pictures of the pond. The series with the pond and the pagoda are my faves from that shoot. The greens blues and reds really come out nicely.

      Do you have anything comparable down under to share with the world??

  2. I like the Dark Passage, and that’s not even a euphemism.

    • Thanks AWC.

      No the dark passage is not a euphemism, unlike your struggle to find your soul-mate.

      The title for that shot just kind of seemed appropriate. The dark path leading to the unknown, skeletal trees reaching heavenward, clawing at a painful existence as they prepare for winters embrace.

      Maybe I just watch too much T.V. Glad you liked the piece.

      I don’t have any Julie Andrews lookalikes for you, however, I work with a dead ringer for Ann Margret! Now that is a classic beauty if I have ever seen one.