Country of Miracles a Photographic Retrospective.

Since demand has been so high for more from last Thursday’s show featuring Gord Downie and The Country of Miracles, I thought it fitting to just shut up and let some of the pictures I took do the talking for a change.



In Line Before the Show



In Line



The Marquee



Yours Truly



My Buddy Jeff, Myself in Background



The Master Songwriter Takes The Stage



Gord Backlit



Gord in Bright Light



Gord and Julie Duet



Gord Jamming Out



Mr. Dale Morningstar



Julie Doiron



Josh Finlayson



Gord and Josh



Great shot of Josh Finlayson, Dave Clark and Dale Morningstar



Dale Morningstar Playing a Theremin



Up Close and Personal



Gord In Black



Encore Encore



Taking It All In



Clapping With The Crowd



Old Friends, New Friends


Before I sign off here, please enjoy Gord and The Hip at their best.  At the Hundredth Meridian.

All photos taken by and property of Robert Ogden.

2 responses to “Country of Miracles a Photographic Retrospective.

  1. Shannon Graham

    Truly a magical evening. For anyone who did not have the opportunity to see the show, these pictures tell a story. You captured the moments beautifully.