Happy Birthday to Me

Hey everyone.

It’s birthday time here in Winnipeg so as I normally do around this time of year I try to set a to do list for all the things I want to see in my life for my next 365 above ground.

Well for starters I have to start doing more restaurant reviews for this blog of mine.  They have consistently brought in the most initial traffic and the most consistent traffic over all.  When I wrote my first piece on the Winnipeg food scene, Mrs. Mikes.  I had no idea that this one post would be the object of so many web searches.  People around these parts it seems like a good burger and will do research to get it.

Also my piece on Winnipeg native Adam Donnelly head chef of Segovia Tapas Bar and Restaurant, now holds the record for my most hits in a single day.  So, it’s obvious that you like me writing about food so I will attempt to put more reviews and related content in here.

Also on the to do docket is catching up on all the movies and television shows that I have stacking up on various media devices around the house.  Those of you who know what a food nerd I am, will be horrified to know that I have at least four unwatched episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on disk from last season.  Including the now famous black and white Rome episode and the long-awaited return to Paris.  Shame on me!

I am also a huge fan of the British motoring program Top Gear.  With all the drama surrounding their tame racing driver, The Stig.  It will surely be a very interesting season coming up in this fall.

I also plan on getting to writing about all of those suggestions that keep coming in from my fellow bloggers.  A particular one from the author of  Vodka and Ground Beef,  should help any lonely hearts out there with ideas  for first dates in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.  Thanks to everyone that has written me, I will get to your suggestions.  I promise!

Well, time to go get cleaned up and ready to go out for dinner with the girlfriend.  Haven’t chosen a place yet, but if it’s new to us and good then expect to hear about it in these pages.

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to wish me a very happy birthday.  I know who you are and I do appreciate the effort on your part.



7 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. What no freebies from the only place that will have a professional schnorrer?

    • No Schnorrer here, I do pay for all of my meals.
      If I started taking handouts then people could start calling me a shill.
      That’s not going to happen.

  2. well, happy bday to you (late I know but anyway). Did a look around your site here and it’s loads of food but thats great, love food but can’t make it to Winnipeg but always fun to read about specialities…

    • Thanks for the wishes Rincewind! Welcome stay a while, have a look around. This website has a little bit of everything, some people get mad at me because I refuse to have one single theme.

      I write about what interests me on any given day, that’s why it’s Bob’s Place: Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond. Mostly I write about issues and topics close to home. Food, music, festivals, whatever catches my attention when I get the urge to write.

      Love your site, slightly naughty but definitely nice!!

      • naughty and nice is good 🙂 and a mix is good, at least you don’t have to just do a certain theme but can express yourself in all different ways…

  3. Happy belated birthday!!! I hope it was a good one.

    • Thank you very much, I did have a good day.
      Just struggling to get over a cold at the moment and then I will be doing the research on that project that you and I were working on.