There is a 49% Chance that I am a 50 Year Old Woman

Just when you think things couldn’t get any stranger around here, the hits keep coming.  I was doing some surfing today and came across a pretty cool website. is a text analysis website, basically you give the website your blog address and it runs a text analysis algorithm through it to decide a few things.  The probable sex, age and mood of the web site’s author are analyzed and printed out in a pie chart configuration.

Website Analysis

So according to the computers at Urlai, after running Bob’s Place through. There is a very high probability that I am a post menopausal woman who has a generally positive outlook on life who writes with a personal style opposed to an academic tone.

Ok, granted I have started watching a bit of Y&R with the girlfriend, but I still scratch my ass with the best of the boys.  I do like the odd cooking program, and am not much of a fan of NASCAR.  I don’t drink beer anymore, and I did own a few cats in a earlier life.

OH, MY GOD!  I am turning into a geriatric granny.  Time to start hitting the gym, burping and farting in a serious way.  Time to get my gear on with the monster truck, chaw spitting crowd.  No more car wash and wax for  my jeep it’s time to take that mother out and do some off-road adventuring!!  A dirty jeep screams testosterone right??

Time to stop watching the news at 10 and switch to the BBQ Channel.  All grilling all the time!  Fire Good!! Big steak go moo, yummy!

With any luck I will be growing hair everywhere by the time this post hits the web…I feel more manly already.

8 responses to “There is a 49% Chance that I am a 50 Year Old Woman

  1. ” . . . very high probability that I am a post menopausal woman”


    I can’t wait to check out what it thinks I am.

    • I know, freaky eh???
      I don’t know how it decides the sex and age based on key words or if it just sifts through the whole of the text?

      I should write a few posts about Hooters wing nights and drinking beer Canadian style maybe that will bring my man based content up significantly. Or it may decide that I am a lesbian alcoholic. In any case it’s going to be fun!!

  2. I hope it doesn’t tell me I am a pre-pubescent schoolboy

  3. Shit! It thinks I’m aged between 66-100!!!! And it included T-Shirt Friday when it made this assumption…..

    • Actually if you look at my age determination it’s most likely that I am WAYYYY above 50. But 49, 50 just made for a better title. 🙂

      In all actuality I am one day shy of my 41st birthday so I fooled the machine but good!!

  4. happy birthday for tomorrow