Spanish Tapas done right in Osborne Village.

Tonight I had the chance to eat single, as I often do when presented with a chance to head out I leave any preconceptions at home and set out with an empty stomach. Tonight I was definitely not disappointed.

Having snaked through the afternoon watching football a little bite was all I needed to set things right after watching my Blue Bombers lose in a tightly fought defensive battle vs the Saskatchewan Rough Riders in the Labour Day Classic.

A nibble in mind perhaps a salad I thought, then as I drove it dawned on me that I had wanted to try a new Tapas bar down in The Village. Tapas for those of you who are uninitiated are normally a shared food experience.  Drinks, and many little dishes to share with friends.  It’s a Spanish cultural thing, bites of cured meats or plates of grilled sliced meats and fish.

So as I entered Segovia I knew basically what I was in for.  However I did not count on the level of ability displayed by the two chefs behind a small bar where I sat to make me want to eat literally everything they dished up and passed on to the servers.

Sitting down I struck up a conversation with the two men working the grill station at the bar. I stated that I was a neophyte to this establishment and enquired what I should try.

Chef Adam Donnelly, formerly of London’s Michelin Bib Gourmand recognized Dehesa, suggested that I try a charcuterie tasting board of the in-house cured meats and vegetables. I agreed almost instantly to this and then asked him to name something on the menu that would scare me. With a little lopsided grin the other grill man who worked at Adam’s side recommended that I try the roasted bone marrow.

I think I must have surprised them both when I casually said I was in their hands and the roasted marrow with toast and a tasting board would most assuredly do the trick for dinner.

My board of charcuterie arrived in quick order from the back while the chefs out front roasted the bone for my marrow while simultaneously cooking 4 or 5 dishes each for the other tables. These boys really know how to get around a grill.

If you are wanting to try something non-threatening the tasting board is the way to go, with a half-dozen or so smoked, cured and pâté en terrine selections.  Cured Bison and salamis along with a few thinly shaved hams graced the cutting board along with pickled cucumbers, carrots and cauliflower. Rounding out the dish were a handful of tasty olives.

As I made my way around the meats and veggies my bone marrow appeared beside me. Grilled bread serves as the marrow’s delivery system. With a special tool one digs out a portion of the sizzling marrow from the roasted bone and scoop it on to the bread, a small dash of sea salt and hit fresh parsley and you have “God’s Bread and Butter” at your fingertips.

To simply say that Segovia in the Village is a breath of fresh air in this town is not saying enough about it. The craft of house curing meats and bringing them to the table with such execution speaks to the level of dedication in the kitchen. The chefs themselves were busy but not so that they could not answer questions about the dishes personally or share a quick joke.

I highly recommend this Osborne Village eatery if you are in the mood for a delicious well executed and fun meal out with friends.

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4 responses to “Spanish Tapas done right in Osborne Village.

  1. So glad you were “defiantly” not disappointed with your “enquiry” have you ever been to school? Or are you a product of Canadian schooling?

  2. eat_love_dance

    ..and in case you didn’t know, Traveler, Britain is where English comes from.

    Bob, I appreciated your blog entry very much: you really capture the feel of the place, I think, and helped me to make the decision as to where to take some pals for my birthday night out! I’m hoping the bone marrow is still on the menu….mmmmm.

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my review of Segovia. It really is a very nice restaurant you may want to dress up or dress down, I never really got the impression that it mattered as both types were in attendance when I was there. If I may though, pay cash. Local owner run establishments are being killed by credit card and interac fees. We would not want to lose a gem like Segovia anytime soon.

      Have fun and thanks for the help. Traveller’s a bit of an ass and pops up from time to time.