Hi, My Name is Bob and I am a Geek.

They say sometimes that the biggest part to getting help is admitting you have a problem.  It’s the cornerstone of twelve step programs everywhere.  The idea being that you can’t begin the process of recovery until you admit that you are a seriously broken and flawed human being.

Well here I am world I admit it I am a geek.  The problem is though I don’t want help.  I love taking the time to wallow in utter geekdom, being a partner to one who is seriously NOT a geek leaves me little time to indulge my inner fan boy.

Liana K and Ed the Sock.

Last night though watching late night TV there she was the smoking rock in my crack pipe.  Liana K, (Formerly of Ed and Red’s Night Party) dressed in a school girls uniform bouncing around at E3 Video Games Expo.   I felt the rush, the forbidden thrill, the utter abandon. Oh yes I gave into it, I watched slack-jawed as Liana deftly bounced between booths trying out the latest software and dancing to the newest video game sensation. Using Motion capture hardware video game producer Harmonix promises to let you dance in the game using a Rock Band like format.  Dance Central will let the Gen X generation dance badly at drunken parties everywhere.

I wished that I had the cash to go out and buy those gaming platforms and take up a permanent residence on my basement couch slowly but surely working an ass grove into the cushions, eating Gamer Grub and drinking Mr Pibb until my body turned into a Jabba the Hutt like form incapable of human contact.

Jabba the Hutt and Leia. (Lucasfilm)

That’s the problem with addiction, we never realize we have a problem until it’s too late.  Finally in a moment of clarity I shut off the TV, and stumbled up to bed, before the siren could seduce me further.  Lest she start talking about the latest product from Lucasfilm or the plans for a new Indiana Jones Movie.  Enough I surrender!

So I stand before you today shaking and bottomed out.
Hi, My name is Bob and I am a Geek.

Liana K and I at Keycon 25.

Authors Note: Since writing this piece I have noticed a trend of people searching for pictures of Leia in a slave girl costume.  Since the I am the kind of guy who gives my readers what they want, here you go.

This first one is from Nerd Girl Pinups.  A very classy site featuring well…nerd girls posing in various themes.  Spend the couple of bucks and help them out.


Liana K kicking back and relaxing. (Nerd Girl Pinups)

This second photo features a bevy of beautiful ladies indulging in their metal bikini fantasies.


Slave girls at a sci-fi convention

Lastly even “The King” likes to get in on the action here.  Who can blame Elvis for wanting to pose with these lovely ladies.


Elvis and slave girls


6 responses to “Hi, My Name is Bob and I am a Geek.

  1. It’s cool Bob, it’s cool.
    Admitting geekness is a good thing.
    God knows I’ve accepted my condition.

    • Yes regardless of what people think of me I am a geek.
      It’s funny I can’t wait to go see the new Tron movie. When I mention Tron, people either look at me with a blank look in the eyes or like I have a parasitic twin growing out of my back.

      They just have no idea what to say.

  2. That’s right, be proud of being a geek!
    Also I about freaked out when I saw Liana on your post because I know her through NGP from when I applied and I was tickled to see her picture!
    She’s rather lovely!
    Also…I support you not turning into Jabba.

    • Hi Voldenae. Not going to try to pronounce that name anytime soon without a phonetic spelling. 🙂

      Glad you found my little corner of the world, I do have a few geek friendly posts here. With more to come as my audience grows.
      I have been a big fan of Liana ever since the Ed and Red’s night party days on CHCH.

      I must admit besides being a very attractive lady, she is also incredibly smart and very friendly. I had the chance to talk with her a few years ago at a sci-fi convention here in Winnipeg a few years ago.

      Thanks also for being kind about the Jabba thing, I have put on a few pounds since Christmas. Feel free to look around here, and please do comment. Your thoughts are welcome here anytime.

      Geek Out!!

  3. One of my favorite sayings (of late) has been, “the geek shall inherit.”
    Be geek and be proud I say.
    Thanks for coming by and reading the blog.

    • Likewise Matthew. I just stumbled upon your page the other day, will be checking it out more in the future. Please feel free to poke around here I write about practically everything so you should find more to keep you interested.