Winnipeg Street Eats: A Bourdain Friendly Dog Hits Winnipeg.

Well another weekend is upon us here in Winnipeg.  This particular afternoon found myself and my significant other in search of something new and exciting.  Well we found that today in spades.

Dingo's Store Front

Winnipeg hospitality group WOW! has opened a new style hot dog  joint in Winnipeg’s Little Italy.  Dingo’s Wild and Crazy Dogs marks a departure for the group from fine upscale dining to upscale street food.  The concept diner features a dozen specialty quarter pound hot dogs on the menu, any of which could have lept directly from Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and onto my tray.

The menu includes such mind-bending entries as The Samurai topped with wasabi, sesame mayo, and daikon radish.  Somewhat reminded me of JapaDog featured on the Vancouver episode of No Reservations.  Failing that perhaps you might like a Nacho Libre a monstrosity flooded with hot pickled peppers, salsa, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese and sprinkled with crushed taco chips.

Nacho Libre with fork for scale.

Today we opted for the Nacho Libre and Canadian, a basic bacon chili cheese dog, and fries.  Coupled with two soda to wash it all down and my tab came close to $30.00.  Now believe me that is a great deal to spend on two hot dogs and fries in this town but when we were presented with a literal mountain of food I could see why it was pricey.

All in all the experience was worth the effort, but be warned you have to be in the mood to eat a serious amount of food.  Having just been placed on a Doctor ordered low salt diet myself I was lucky he never walked in and smacked me on the back of the head and dragged me out by the ear.

So if your feeling like having an Anthony Bourdain like experience without having to hop a plane to Hawaii to grab a Puka Dog then get your stomach over to Corydon Ave to Dingo’s and order yourself up a seriously crazy hot dog and fries.

Hot Dog Man standing in front of Dingo's

Authors Note: As I write this the No Reservations gang are in L.A. at The Emmy Awards.  Being nominated in the Outstanding Writing for Non-Fiction Category, I would like to wish Tony and Crew the best of luck at the awards.  Congratulations are in order for a job very well done.

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7 responses to “Winnipeg Street Eats: A Bourdain Friendly Dog Hits Winnipeg.

  1. A bacon chili cheese dog . . . too delicious to even imagine for ten seconds longer.

    • Hey, nice to see you added hot dogs to your list of eatables. Hope you enjoyed the read here!!

      I also really like your blog, find it fun and pretty witty.
      Have a good one, and share a hot dog with someone some time.
      Tres Fun!!


  2. deepwellbridge

    The Samurai is my type of dog! Wish we had a specialty hot dog restaurant where I live.

    I saw a hot dog documentary on PBS with my dad one time. By the end we were salivating at the mouth! if only I could reach in there and grab me one of em. Oh well perhaps this would be as good an excuse as any to move to a larger city.

    • Welcome Deepwell. The selection at Dingo’s is pretty much through the roof. If you are a fan of gut bursting specialty hot dogs then a move to a larger city may be in your future.

      To be honest though I found it all to be pretty much overkill, it was too much of a good thing. Also as far as I noticed there was only one type of meat available, no smokies or sausages instead of a basic wiener. So that’s one aspect they have to improve on.

  3. deepwellbridge

    Perhaps a move to Germany would be best then. Might as well get to the heart of the mater:)

  4. I want to go there. Now.
    Those hot dogs look amazing. I’d definitely have to get in on some of that wasabi action.
    Plus lets be honest here, any place with that hot dog man outfront is bound for greatness.
    I love food.

    • Hey Ryan, anytime you decide to hit Winnipeg the dogs are on me.
      It’s a pretty cool joint, but it could benefit by adding other types of meat in tube form. Say Italian sausage or a good North End Smokie.

      Seriously if you are ever up this way let me know and I’ll do my best to show you around. If you like snow we have that in spades 6 months of the year and summertime is amazing here, festivals galore.