Free Fallin: My Life at 11,000 Feet

Hey all.  Sorry it’s been so long since I have been here to give you the good word.  But as you know things have been in the crapper of late.

Thumbs up from Eric. The whole family came to watch us go SPLAT.

But cheer up all ye faithful, I have seen the light and it came at altitude. 11 thousand feet to be exact.  I was on the skid of a very tiny aircraft about to fling myself into oblivion and I gave into it.

Dar and I getting dressed to Jump.

I gave in to yes… you guessed it, the almighty power of What the Fuck.
Yes I may plummet to my death, I may however have a great time doing it in the process.  Now to those that you do not know me, I often say What the Fuck in less socially acceptable ways.

Dar and her Jump Master "Moo" heading to the plane.

But on that skid I remembered a very powerful thing, something that no one can ever take away.  The power of self.  Yes, I can be a self-destructive force of nature, who whirls and devours everything in my path.  That is who I am.   I dare to love with everything I am, I dare to say those things that people never ever say.   I am the one that says Grandma’s Turkey is dry, I tell you when your dog is shitting on the rug.  That’s just me.

Bob heading to the plane with his jump master Peter.

But say what you want about that,  in my heart I do love,  I put everything on the line.  I hold nothing back.   So when I get in trouble and it’s very often that I do.  I tend to hurt people, myself included.

Dom suited up and ready to jump!

But where was I?  Ah yes 11,ooo  ft.  I felt the rush of the world leaving me, I tumbled and turned in air.  I gave it my all and I came back alive.

Bob and Peter coming in for a landing!!

I guess some people just don’t care to live on the ragged edge, and  honestly I don’t really like it sometimes either.  But no one can ever say, Bob you left something behind, you never gave it your all.

Dar and Moo coming in for a landing.

I am not gentle reader saying that I am a saint, but I am saying that everything I have, everything that I am is on the table, and up for grabs to whomever has the courage to grab hold.

Time to jump out of that plane!!  A number of you have asked for video graphic evidence of my sky-dive.  Well here you go, courtesy of Adventure Skydiving in Steinbach, Manitoba my jump from 11,000 ft.

So when you’re watching this and wondering if YOU could do it.  Just remember these words someone I love told me once… “You are only here once, Go Big or Go Home!”

Dominick after a successful jump says "Go Big or Go Home!"

POST SCRIPT.  I would also like to take a moment to wish Anthony Bourdain a very happy belated Birthday.  Tony turned 54 yesterday.  Hope that you and your family had a peaceful and enjoyable day.

2 responses to “Free Fallin: My Life at 11,000 Feet

  1. WOW!!!! Your F-in NUTS. I held my breath through most of the video. Way to go!

    • Well like I told you at the Anniversary Party, I gave into the power of “What the Fuck!” If I am going to die that’s a pretty awesome way to go.

      Glad that you found my little piece of the web Taunia, feel free to poke around, kick the tires and enjoy a little down home hospitality.

      Nice seeing you!!