As many of you who hail from Manitoba and the surrounding area know the southern half of the province got hammered by torrential rains and flooding over the weekend.

Stranded Motorist in a Flooded City Underpass.

The Emerson, Manitoba area received upwards of  110 mm of rain coupled with a town wide power outage and you can imagine the damage to the community.

Two hours north the City of Winnipeg was not spared the wrath of the storm either.  With rain amounts ranging from 50 mm in St. James to 108 mm in St. Boniface and St.Vital some of the oldest parts of the city were overwhelmed with water.  The city’s pumping stations were unable to keep up to the deluge that assaulted the city and left many home owners including yours truly with swimming pools where their basements once were.  Many home owners also suffered the indignity of having the sewers back up into their homes and pipes bursting leaving them uninhabitable.

The City of Winnipeg, is claiming no responsibility in this event even though many of Winnipeg’s ageing sewers and storm drains were unable to handle the rain.  Add to that the fact that several of the town’s emergency pumping stations failed and you have the recipe for post disaster homeowner havoc.

Thankfully the Manitoba Provincial Government has stepped forward with an offer of aid to those that were affected with overland flooding, however citing that sewer backups would have to be claimed through home owners insurance.

Gotta run and start gutting my basement, wish me luck!

3 responses to “WET!!!

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  2. oh no, I didn’t know you’d had a flood, water damage is the worst!
    Congratulations on getting your space back. 🙂

    • Yea we had a horrible storm here a few months ago, rain came down in buckets.
      It was just too much for the sewers to handle in this older part of the city.

      The water was literally forcing its way in through the foundation, it sounded like we had a river behind the drywall. But all is repaired now, just a matter of figuring out how to configure the space. Working with a blank slate as it were.

      Nice to hear from you, keep reading and feel free to comment on anything!