Canada to Britain: Minority Governments Can Work.

Dear Britain,

As a citizen of Canada I would like to assure you personally that a minority government is not the end of the world.  As you may or may not know Canada, the country that stuck with you in North America, actually has a minority government now.

I know it seems scary, the government  not being able to do what ever they want, when they want.  But you know,  it’s not that bad.  Currently our Conservative (Tory) Party holds the reigns of power, but only with the consent of the other parties in the House of Commons. The Liberal Party holds second place in the House and would need outside help to unseat the ruling Conservatives.  The rest of the power in parliament  lays with the separatist Bloc Québécois and the New Democratic Party.

Thus far, Prime Minister Steven Harper has successfully managed to keep control of the House of Commons.  He has managed to run the country in a satisfactory way, steering Canada through the global recession and passing a fair amount of legislation in the process.

How has he managed to do this?  Well in the case of Prime Minister Harper, his Government has twice asked the Governor General to suspend Parliament when his party got in trouble.  Also by bullying, the Liberal Party into submission, causing them to go through two leaders since he took power.

He treats the Bloc Québécois with utter disdain most of the time and will only court them when he needs their votes.  He has also been known to crawl into bed with The New Democratic Party when it suits his mood, only to jump out and deny everything when he gets his way.

So basically, as you can see it’s business as usual over here in Canada.
This wacky arrangement seems to suit our country just fine for the time being, providing loads of political entertainment for our late night talk shows.

Britain, which ever way you choose to go this election, never fear if the nation goes to the Tories, to Labour, or Other.   One truth remains, we are only truly free on election day, after that has passed no matter who is in power we are all on our own.

2 responses to “Canada to Britain: Minority Governments Can Work.

  1. Canada to Britain: Minority Governments Can Work. ?? You mean a clearly undemocratic elected Conservative leader claims to have a majority government and he now disregards the majority of the elected MPS by hijacking the Canadian government and it’s agenda and this works well?? Dream on

    • Yes, that is exactly my point Sir. The fact that the political machine is broken in Canada is true beyond debate.

      Power swings back and forth here every decade or so, giving a virtual kingship to who ever holds power. Regardless of if you like Steven Harper’s Conservatives or not at least in this parliament there is some form of check and balance on his reign.

      I purposely wrote the piece with a bit of ambiguity. Who I support has no bearing on the state of the country at present. However I will say this, the so-called “Natural Ruling Party”, The Liberals are in no shape to run this country at present. Unfortunately I see no better alternative in the future until the opposition parties get their collective houses in order.