Winnipeg Street Eats: Mrs. Mikes

Finally, with the change in seasons and everything starting to come to life again after another cold winter it is time to delve into a favourite topic of mine.  Food, street food to be particular.

Once upon a time I worked driving delivery and doing light construction work on people’s homes.  Stuck in a smelly work van for hours at a time, never near the office for a break.  So I relied on street food to get me though those rough and tumble days.   Most of the time I worked alone or with a junior partner so going a little out-of-the-way for a good meal was acceptable and often essential for our moral.

In the upcoming summer months I intend to share the best of Winnipeg’s street offerings with you.  Mrs. Mikes has been a Winnipeg institution for some forty years.  Established in 1969 at 286 Tache Ave. in Winnipeg’s French Quarter of St. Boniface.  It sits easily within walking distance of the Forks Market, and just a short bus ride away from the busy downtown centre.

Mrs Mikes

This humble burger stand may not be much to look at, but it is truly one fine eatery.  Manned each and every day by Steve and Nick working the grills with the very lovely and exceptionally friendly Cathy tending to the lunchtime crowds.

The menu is simple and straight forward, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double cheese burgers, and the monstrous King Burger all served with a side of thin wonderfully crispy french fries.  The top of the food chain is obviously the massive King Burger.  Two, inch plus thick home-made patties topped with an insanely generous portion of chili, onions, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and whole quartered pickles.  If you plan on ordering one of these behemoths be sure you can unhinge your jaw, because there is no way any normal human sized mouth can fit around one of these.

My personal favourite and the one most often recommended by Steve and Nick is the double cheese burger.  As they put it, it’s everything that a King Burger is without all of the veggies getting in the way of the meat.

Mrs Mikes Double Cheese Burger with Extra Pickles.

When Cathy sees my jeep pull up before a Winnipeg Blue Bomber home game, I can always see her smiling.  Dressed in her classic pale blue waitress attire, she asks me with her Greek accented voice. “Double Cheese extra pickles?”  To which I smile and nod my head in accordance.  It’s not just that the food here is fabulous it’s also the attention to detail and the spot on friendly way they treat the customers.

So if you find yourself in St. Boniface, wandering around with a grumbling tummy do your self a favour and stop by Mrs Mikes and treat yourself to a King Burger, side of fries and a thick hand-made milkshake.  Truly there is nothing finer.

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