It may seem petty,  but ya I am amped!

Gold for Canada,  in hockey no less.

I was pulling for the big medal all through the game, but Team USA had to put one in the net to even it with under 20 seconds  left.

OVERTIME….. Crosby nets one!!!

Wow.  Canada rocks.

Go Canada Go

PS.  To all of my American readers.  Good game, good game indeed.

2 responses to “Gold!!!!!

  1. Good game indeed.
    If the US couldn’t win, I am glad the Canadians did.

  2. Thanks for that Cindy, I had thought that the “De-Motivational” picture might scare away my Yankee readers.

    It was a good game though, and although Team USA lost, you have to admit that they lost to a great bunch. Silver is still a great honour for a nation that is not as “Hockey Mad” as we are.