Questions, Questions

Well I guess my little exile has had a few bumps and bangs, but yet here I am with another post to keep the dream alive.

I had to answer some pretty serious questions today, and to a very important person.  No I did not get pulled over for speeding, or indeed questioned in an ongoing murder investigation.  It was much worse than that.  Much worse indeed.

My Daughter has figured out I have a blog, and today as she enters the dreaded tween years and  she took me to task.  Dad it began, why do you call yourself  Bahb?  Well kiddo, I stumbled, cause it sounds like Bob and no one else has that spelling as far as I know.

But why??  The sweat pooled on my brow and acid pooled in my stomach.  When dad was much younger, a friend on a road trip started calling me Bahb.
(From the movie French Kiss, with Kevin Kline and Meg Ryan, Kline in one scene refers to Meg’s philandering finance as something close to ” AHHH Bahb”)

That seemed to keep her attention for a bit, well dad, she countered whats with the cookies??? You don’t actually give out cookies do you??  Well no, honey I don’t.  Well she came back, if you promise cookies you should give cookies!  But kiddo, it’s the internet, we don’t actually have real cookies.

That didn’t budge her expression at all.  So why are you dark? She asked. What’s your darkside?  Then I had to go into a whole explanation of Star Wars at which point she just rolled those sweet eyes and seemed to drift off.  Then came right back sharp as a whip.  Bahb.  (Said with Drawl)  What’s a Road Trip?  Lord in Heaven help me!!

So yes sweetheart daddy has a blog, and he loves you very very much.  I hope you had a great birthday.

In closing tonight Congrats to Kevin Martin and Crew. Olympic Gold!!! Sometime very soon I will try to explain Curling to the World.

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