All or Nothing

I am very sorry for those very few of you who do tune in every day.

I don’t want this to blog to turn personal in the least, yes it is my post.  My wall on the world but my life is my life.

Recent events have changed my mind, first of all there has indeed been a great shift in my personal life, which for now will remain undisclosed.  But obviously, we have to talk about hockey.

Canadian Women have just won their third in a row, GOLD , that is.

I put a lot more stock into the woman’s league than I do the men’s at this level.  For one they play as a team, they play nice  (Not a lot of that Hitting Stuff), and they like to score lots of goals.

So that was the point tonight, Canada won gold, AGAIN, yes we may be down on the totals but we rock the gold.

So for all of you wanting me.  I am sorry I am going through a personal patch.

But if you have a couch to sleep on I am yours forever


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